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  1. Terrific news. I worried this project was dead too. Some height away from the river will be terrific. Especially with the new hotel next door.
  2. I'm guessing this plan i had posted in 2018 is it?
  3. Dunno. I know they want to build something large on that land, but they have discussed that for nearly 20 years. 2 years ago, the plan was a huge ferris wheel. Who knows what's the plan now.
  4. I live walking distance to this.. I also saw a coffee shop going in?
  5. I used to work at Plaza, and I still talk to my guys there a lot. Eenhoorn is putting in a series of tiny houses in the parking lot and some in the grass. Apparently very soon. And they will be occupied. Its not an art installation.
  6. Noticed this on my way in to work this morning. LED lighting. I think that'll look really sharp all the way around
  7. A close up of the beginning of the crown uplight facade and glass.
  8. Man does this building look great from this perspective. Just adds so much to that street.
  9. Ohhh, I thought you meant like a games room kinda place. Yeah, Stella's has arcades, but I wouldn't say its a true barcade. So I'd love to see one. And, like I mentioned before, yardgames.
  10. What bar is that?? The downtown one? People live drinking games and yard games. You get a bar with beerpong, beer-die, beersbee, laddergolf, bags, ect. Youre going to do well. Have it outside for the summer if possible, inside for winter with lots of windows and astroturf... make people think they're outside. I think you'll do well.
  11. Exactly. I also read recently the Grand Rapids area is desperate for housing. I think they still need these apartments and condos to be built. And 24 stories is nothing to sniff at in this town.
  12. Barcaid. Bar with arcade games. Or a bar that specializes in yardgames
  13. Under the Fulton property for this tower, or under the lot at Fulton and market?
  14. I actually really love this project so far. I wish it were taller (as I do with everything, right) or they redo the 5/3 tower behind it. The north side of downtown is so sterile and needs more life.
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