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I hope this does not sound too much like cheerleading, but GR is being mentioned more and more nationally and globally:



And then there was this the other day (the kicker is the statement from USB):

Metropolitan Hospital gets cash to finish Wyoming facility

Thursday, March 24, 2005

By Kathleen Longcore

The Grand Rapids Press

WYOMING -- Metropolitan Hospital has cleared the final hurdle in a five-year race toward a new facility in Wyoming, quickly selling $135 million in bonds on Wall Street Tuesday.

But it didn't hurt that UBS Financial Services Inc. in Chicago described West Michigan as "a diversified mix of globally competitive manufacturers."

Using 2003 data, the company's 150-page prospectus said the region outperformed 10 other metropolitan areas in the upper Midwest in terms of employment growth, population growth and per-capita income growth.

edited due to new UP rules about posting articles

And no, I do not work for the Chamber or Devos Place :D

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Nice of you to dig this out, snoogit. It's amazing that Grand Rapids ranks #3 in the world in Knowledge Competitive Rank. It's no wonder that Grand Rapids is attracting projects such as Project X.

That was 2004's ranking Phizzy. We slipped to a very respectable #6 in 2005 :shades:

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GR is still top ranked when it comes to recreation right? I remember a couple years ago it was #3. I have all those places rated books, and one thing I dislike about them is that they have info in them from ten years ago, I'd like to see a new places rated book, with updated info on all of the cities they do, I think GR would be ranked much much higher, since the mid nineties, GR has almost doubled it's hospital capacities, things like this are not reflected in these studies.

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