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New tallest for Austin?


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An Austin developer has a plan to create the tallest building in the city. The mixed-use tower would be 41 stories and 680' tall. It would include:

3 levels of retail

10 story luxury hotel

350 condominiums ans apartments

The current tallest building in Austin is the Frost Bank Tower which stands 33 stories and 515'.

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The Garage for the building will start construction in June. Its going to be a 1200 space parking garage and I believe 12 stories if Im remembering correctly. The design of the tower is currently being worked out and we should be seeing the groundbreaking by the end of the summer. I am thinking we should see the official renderings by June or July.

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Unless Tom Stacey desides to make some last min additions to this tower, it will no longer be the tallest when built in Austin or if it is, for a short ammount of time.


Well Tom Stacy has hired Cesar Pelli to design his tower so there is a very good chance that his building will take the destinction of the tallest in Austin. Though ZCA just recently took off their rendering for 200 Congress stating that it was not the final design after the announcement came out that Cesar Pelli would be doing Tom Stacy's tower. This is going to be very interesting to see it play out.

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