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More Football heading our way?


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Notre Dame Considers Jacksonville

Looks like Notre Dame is looking at adding a neutral-site game each year if the NCAA allows a 12th game. (starting in 2009)

This would allow ND to get a game each year (or every couple) in Florida for recruiting, plus NBC already has good agreements with the Gator Bowl Assoc.

Be interesting to see how this pans out.

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The more sporting events the better.  They help fill hotel rooms and restaurants.


The city hosting the ACC football championship game every year will bring in tons of money and exposure with a lot of fans and excitement. Give it ten years and that football game will be bigger than the Florida v. Georgia game in terms of economic impact, tourist dollars, exposure and meaning to the overall city. Look at how the SEC championship game has morphed in the ATL. The ACC with recent additions is one of the top two football conferences and that means good teams coming into Jax year in and year out.

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Sweet.  That would be a nice boost and another yearly party for the city to look forward to.

Chicago, Orlando, New Orleans and Dallas....looks like some tough competition though.


Indeed this is good news. Sports is a real strength in Jax, especially football. It's easier and I think more profitable for a city to "strengthen it's strengths" rather than try to create completely new ones. Jax should jump at this chance to do exactly that, with this game.

Given Jax's history with this type of thing, and it's stadium, the city is in excellent position to capitalize on this opportunity. I hope the Jaguars will give the city some latitude on the stadium advertising revenues etc.

Isn't it great to see Jacksonville listed with cities like Chicago and New Orleans?

Having a game like this would get a lot of exposure/attention in Jacksonville, but would be ho-hum someplace like Chicago or N.O.

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It looks like the city is in play for the Florida Classic game, currently played in Orlando, as well.

From Sunday's Orlando Sentinel

"Yet Florida Citrus Sports still thinks it needs a better stadium to improve on the newer Champs Sports Bowl game, which is played in late December, said Mickle, the executive director. It also would enable Orlando to bid on the Atlantic Coast Conference and Southeastern Conference championship football games.

It would help secure a long-term commitment from the Florida Classic, the annual football game between Florida A&M University and Bethune-Cookman College. Its stay here is being threatened by Jacksonville, whose leaders are working to lure the schools away with incentives that include modern facilities.

link to article:


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To me, Orlando is in a tough spot, because if I was an Orlando taxpayer, I'd have a really tough time approving a stadium with no major tenant. The reason why the improvements to Alltel can fly is we have a main tenant (the Jaguars). The closest thing Orlando will have to a full time tenant (barring an NFL relocation, which seems unlikely) is UCF, and normally college stadiums have no where near the amenities that an NFL stadium has.

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