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Beijing construction and development thread


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Oriental Silicon Valley

Beijing - China

Project : Oriental Silicon Valley

Location : Beijing, China

Building Area : 100,000m2

Design Completion: 2002

Project Type : Master Plan

The design for Oriental Silicon Valley embraces the opportunities offered from a very complex and diverse program.

As a business park and convention center, This issues of connectivity and cross-pollinations are crucial to the design of this project to facilitate interaction and inspiration between the different tenants as well as guests all focused within their shared world of discovery. The essence of this interaction is the meeting center, which also used by the public. Wrapped around this showpiece is a retail mall, which supports both the guests of the center and the tenants of the project.

The office buildings focus in onto the mall and meeting center and then radiate out to provide more space, light and views of the green space beyond. The labs were located below the offices because of the need for larger floor plates as well as structurally keeping potential heavy equipment lower in the building.


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Fortune Plaza

Beijing - China

Status: Under Construction

Construction: 2002-2005

Client : H.K.I. Development Co. Ltd.

Architect: Aedas Architects

Project : Beijing Fortune Plaza, Phase 1

Project Value : US$185.91m (HK$1,450m)

Total Construction Area: 700,000m2

Total Site Area : 92,600m2

Beijing Fortune Plaza is located on a 92,600m2 site along the East 3rd Ring Road and extends between Jingguang Centre and China World, and is currently the largest CBD project in Beijing. The total construction area of Beijing Fortune Plaza is 700,000m2, which includes a 40-storey luxurious residential building, service apartment building, 5-star hotel, commercial building and a 40-storey grade A office tower, together with shopping, restaurants and recreational facilities.

In Beijing, Aedas received a Bronze Medal in 2002 from the Planning Commission Professional Jury upon Fortune Plaza, Phase 1. This Project was also voted as one of the Top Best Architecture by the general public in Beijing.


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Nanwei Lu

Xiannong Tan - Beijing

Client : Guangzhou R&F Properties Co., Ltd.

Project : Nanwei Lu Commercial Dev.

Location : Beijing, PRC Central, Hong Kong

Total GFA : 150,000m2

Site Area : 74,300m2

Completion Year : 2006

Located near the historical site Xiannong Tan, an ambitious project to redevelop the existing car radiator factory area into a modern commercial and retail complex in order to cope with the rapid change of the southern part of Beijing city.

The whole project comprises 6 office buildings and 2 restaurant buildings with a total GFA of about 150,000m2. Under a height restriction of 30m, the office buildings are 10-storey high with the lowest two floors used as retail space. Two basement floors are used as carpark.


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North Star

Beijing - China

Project : North Star Mixed-use Development

Location : Beijing, PRC

Building Area : 160,000m2

Design Completion : 2003

Project Type : Master Plan

This Mixed-use project is ideally positioned within a larger master plan to become the corner stone of the overall development. Located in Beijing near the future Olympic site, this large master plan will become a highly visible project within the city as well as its surrounding regions.

Located at the central, major vehicular intersection, is the site of the project. The project strives to become a strong landmark at this corner and help define the gateway into the master plan. Within the center of the master plan is a central park, which is diagonally adjacent to the mixed-use development. The project embraces this park as one of the strengths of the overall master plan.


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Beijing Zhong Guan Cun

Beijing - China

Area: 3.7 million sf

Developer: Zhong Guan Cun Intnat'l Mall Dev. Co.

Status: Master Planning, Concept Design

Scheduled for completion prior to the start of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Zhong Guan Cun International Mall will be China

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Beijing Olympic Green Village

Architect: PTW Architects

Client: Beijing Olympics Investment Development Company

Status: Under construction

Construction period: ? - 2007

PTW's concept for the Beijing Olympic Village unifies people and the environment.

Four residential precincts are arranged along the Eco Corridor, with retail, commercial and community club at the centre. Land bridges link it to the Forest Park to the north and showcase the Village to the public. Post-games, the Village features an Olympic Museum.

The buildings employ ESD principles such as low energy materials, solar technology, water conservation and passive ventilation. The land bridges allow the safe movement of people and fauna between the Village and Forest Park.



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Huateng Building

Chaoyang District - Beijing

A 98m tall office building near China World Trade Center in Beijing CBD. The tower is currently under construction and has a construction area of 43,020sqm. Construction started in 2002, and is expected to be completed during the summer 2005.


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Beijing New Vision Exhibition and Convention Center

Unknown location - Beijing

Current status: Approved or Under construction

The design of the Beijing New Vision Exhibition and Convention Center is based on a simple diagram and a clear geometry, resulting in a building that will serve as an inspiring symbol for the city of Beijing. In essence, the building itself is a vast lantern overlooking the city, glowing from within and inviting attention and visitors.

The facades of the complex can be illuminated in a limitless array of colors, enabling the glowing lantern-like elevations to change with every event. At the heart of the complex, a new public concourse connects the center with an adjacent pedestrian walkway and is protected from the elements by a series of immense glazed lanterns that hover overhead.

The building organizes convention and exhibition activities into two separate yet strongly related elements. The primary face, overlooking the plaza, is made up of retail, showroom and meeting components. Convention spaces overlook both the plaza and the public concourse, which separates the convention complex from the exhibition space.

Two levels of exhibition space are provided south of the concourse. Upper halls are column-free; ten to twelve sub-halls can be configured in a range of sizes. Ground-level halls are configured on an expansive 27m x 27m structural grid, which provides for a flexible booth arrangement while maximizing structural efficiency. Varied elevations for prefunction, exhibition, and loading spaces mitigate the impact of this vast complex on the surrounding neighborhood.

The design of the facility incorporates a range of sustainable principles and provides an ideal and flexible configuration for expansion. Despite its technological innovations, the facility is in fact a very simple building, composed of local materials, repetitive structural and interior elements, effective long-span structural systems and efficient building systems.





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Raycom Science Park

Legend Science and Technology Campus - Beijing

Current status: Under construction

Construction: 2004 - 2007

The first phase of the Legend (Beijing) Science and Technology Campus is part of the Legend Group headquarters district, which will serve as a temporary headquarters as well as an office and research base for the company. There will be additional areas for business meetings as well as exhibition and trade areas.

The Legend Science Park Master Plan links the many required program elements into an experience that is functionally rich and spatially diversified. The buildings of the site are setback generously from the street to provide a dramatic green face to the community and to exemplify Legend's image as open to the public. The office tower acts as a beacon from the company into the neighborhood. Behind the tower is a 10,000 m2 conferencing center. In the center of the plan is the main communal space of the campus which includes the cafeteria as well as common recreational spaces. At the southern edge of the site is a hotel building for the exclusive use of Legend business travelers.



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Chemsunny Plaza

Xidan commercial district - Beijing

Current status: Under construction

Construction: 2004 - 2006

Architect: SOM

Homepage: http://www.chemsunny.com/

Chemsunny Plaza is located 2.4 km west of the Forbidden City. The project site is an integral part of the Beijing financial district and the Xidan commercial district. Chemsunny is a 15-story office building with two major atriums and an approximate gross above grade area of 132,000 sm. There are also three basement levels with gross below grade area of 43,084 sm. The ground floor will contain the primary entrance lobbies. Individual lobbies to each elevator core are connected to the base level of each atrium. The ground floor also contains separate office space as well as the entry to the below grade retail area.




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