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Beijing construction and development thread


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Metro World Center

Chaonei Avenue, Dongcheng District

Homepage: http://www.metroworld.com.cn/

Metro World Center is a modern multi-complex comprising Grade A office building, five-star hotel, conference & exhibition center, and luxurious apartments. There are 22 above-ground floors and 3 underground floors. Also, 32,000 square meters of retail space and sufficient parking lots are available.






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China World Trade Center

Beijing - China

Current status: Under Construction

Construction period: 2002 (2004?) - 2005

The China World Trade Center which will total 759,000 sm when completed will be the third and most important phase of one of the most prestigious developments in Beijing.

The mixed-use development will contain 1 super-tall tower, two office towers, a new office building adjacent to the Guo Hui entertainment tower, two apartment towers, an exhibition center, and a winter garden.

The project was won in a design competition, and the keystone of the design was the super-tall tower. The design of this tower is 81 stories and 333 meters tall, and is the result of a collaboration between SOMs architecture and structural engineering studios. The towers superstructure, which has to take into account Beijings seismic activity and high winds, is composed of structural steel with composite metal deck slabs. Diagonal mega-braces on the buildings exterior will visually underscore the strength and majesty of the tower.

This tower will contain a 5-star hotel and premium-grade corporate office space. On either side it will be flanked by a 150-meter-high office tower. Below-grade will be 4 levels 2 floors of retail and 2 floors of parking.



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Beijing YinTai Centre

Beijing - China

Designed to enhance the Beijing skyline, this comprehensive mixed-use complex is a study in simple, straightforward architecture. The three towers are comprised of two 45-story twin office towers and a 62-story hotel counting 250m with 237 guest rooms, 180 luxury apartments, and 48 service apartments. Each of the two office towers are divided vertically with sky lobbies which enable them to essentially function as four separate office buildings. At the base, a large podium connects the three towers, providing lobbies, meeting facilities, shops, and restaurants.

A large space under the podium provides motor access to the complex, granting each tower its own grand entry. The landscaped roof of the podium extends the gardens and water features at street level to form a multi-level urban park. This complex serves as a retreat from its congested surroundings, and enhances the lifestyle of people working and living in Beijing.






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Jian Guo Hotel

Beijing - China

This redevelopment effort is comprised of a 527,400-square foot (49,000 sm) hotel building which connects to 253,000 square feet (23,500 sm) of retail space and is flanked by two 753,000-square foot (70,000 sm) office towers. Across the street from an existing school and residential area, the richly-landscaped and pedestrian-friendly development will revitalize its Beijing neighborhood.


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Central Park

Beijing - China

Project name: Central Park

Developers: Beijing Premium Real Estate Limited

Location: No.6 Chaowai St., Chaoyang District, Beijing

Located at the heart of Beijing CBD project, Central Park is less than a kilometer away from the prestigious foreign embassy area. It is also near the arteries of Beijing - Changan Jie and the East Third Ring. Spread out over a 10.5 hectare garden site, Central Park consists about 320,000 sq.m of building area. The development includes 1,700 residential units, 2,000 car parks and 20,000 meters of ancillary facilities. CBD Parks 25,000 sq.m greenery, links up with Central Parks gardens and open areas which also account for about 40% of the total area of the whole construction site. A 7,000 sq.m multi-functional club is available for guests on a charge basis. Central Park Phase I will formally commence leasing activities on 1 June, 2004.


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Winterless Centre

Beijing - China

Project: Winterless Centre

Developer: Beijing Ever Flourish Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Project address: N0.1,West Dawang Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Winterless Centre is located besides the crossway of the east end of Guanghua Road and West Dawang Road, in the core area of CBD. It consists of an office building tower (A), a business building tower (B), shopping area in the 1st and 2nd floor, and a hotel, of total 110 thousand sq. meters. Tower A and Tower B have framed shear wall structure and all-glass curtain walls. There are 12 Mitsubishi high speed elevators, central air conditioning, 5A intelligent control, a luxurious hotel lobby of 1200 sq. meters, a 12-meter high glass cafe and a business pub. Winterless Centre user-friendly business area for you.


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Beijing World Science & Trade Center

Beijing - China

The masterplan contains 7 residential towers. 4 of the towers are 28-storey high and located on the south side, while the 3 towers on the north are 14 storey high to prevent overshadowing of the neighboring residential blocks. The place will be unique and one of its kind found anywhere in the world. The complete complex will become 221 090sqm, 177 790sqm above ground and 43 300sqm below ground. The contsruction was supose to start in last year or this year.



Master Plann




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Jin Di International Garden

Beijing - China

Ten residential and commercial buildings from 3 - 34 floors. This large Beijing project contents 128 000sqm of apartments, 120 000sqm with commercials and a underground carpark counting 77 000sqm. The complex will be built in two parts, the first part contents 5 towers counting 3,3,3,33 and 34 floors and will be completed this year. Part two contents 5 towers counting 10,14,24,28 and 34 floor towers and is expected to be completed in 2005. The total cost of the complete project is expected to be 850 000 000$HK (108 979 947 US$, 90 118 206 EUR)





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Huayuan Shangdu International Center

Beijing - China

Project: Huayuan Shangdu International Center

Developer: Beijing Huayuan Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Address: N0.8,Dongdaqiao Road, Chaoyang District,Beijing.

Project address:No.8, Dongdaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Huayuan Shangdu international Center is positioned as an international business complex, an international business mall. The project has a total floor area of about 300 thousand sq. meters and will be constructed in three phases. |t includes: A-level office building, top grade business apartment, business hotel with property ownership and a business street featuring entertainment and relaxation facilities covering 40 thousand sq. meters. The project will be integrated part of the embassy area within the CBD and become a comprehensive international business zone with Huayuan characteristics.


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Bright China Chang An Building

East Chang An Street, Dongcheng District

Bright China Chang An Building is a 19-storey office tower located at East Chang An Street, just 3 km away from the CBD.

Samsung Hong Kong Limited has recently acquired the whole floor on 15/F, with a total gross area of 3,800 sq m. Colliers International has been appointed as the sole agent to provide professional leasing services. Unit sizes range from 500-3,200 sq m.


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Beijing not a test field of architects

Chinadaily.com.cn - Beijing

Beijing is abuzz about the designs of some landmark buildings under construction or to be constructed. Some Chinese architects and critics say foreign architects have turned the capital city into a test field, some say the designs are avant-garde and some others see these designs as ugly.

Paul Andreu, a French architect who is the chief designer of dome-shaped National Grand Theatre in downtown Beijing, weighed in and gave his comments. Andreu, attending the Architectural Biennial held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on September 20, said he could not agree to the "test field" argument. He said not many foreign architect firms have entered the Chinese market, and in his eyes, the "special" designs of a few architectures in Beijing are actually not bizarre at all.

Opinions may differ greatly on the design of new architectures, particularly in cities with a long history and traditions. He said this is the case as far as Beijing is concerned. In recent year, some foreign architects won competitive bidding to design landmark buildings in Beijing to help shape up the landscapes of cosmopolitan city in the 21st century. Andreu is one of them. Andreu won the bid to design the National Grand Theatre in 1999. The dome-shaped theatre, located in the heart of the city west of the Great Hall of the People near the Tian'anmen Square, is to be completed before the 55th anniversary of the foundation of China in October.

Herzog de Meuron (left), designer of the nest-shaped stadium, chats with Paul Andreu, designer of the National Grand Theatre, in Beijing on September 20. "I don't see it bizarre," claimed Andreu. The architecture is constructive to the change of the city's landscape, and most importantly, it is in harmony with the surrounding environment, he said. Andreu, an architect famous for his design of Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris and of course, the roof collapse of the airport terminal four months ago, regarded the dome-shaped theatre as an excellent and a secure piece.

As Beijing gears up for the 2008 Olympic games, the designing of many sports venues are commissioned to foreign architect firms. The proposed new arenas include a 100,000-seat Olympic stadium by the Swiss architects Herzog de Meuron wrapped in a "bird's nest" of tangled columns, and a swimming center by the Australian firm PTW with a facade of translucent, lightweight panels to be inflated to resemble huge bubbles.

And two years ago, the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas was chosen through international competition to design a new headquarters for CCTV, the state-run broadcasting company. The looping, O-shaped skyscraper, with a budget of at least $600 million, was collaboration between Koolhaas and a partner, Ole Scheeren of OMA. Due to continuing and heated debates in China and Beijing's plan to construct the sports venues in a thrift manner, the construction on the Olympic stadium and swimming center was temporarily suspended for the designers to modify their designs. For example, the convertible roof of the "nest" stadium was erased from the design. Experts say this would make the stadium safer and it will reduce the construction costs.

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Splendid Times Tower

Western Zhongguancun, Haidian District

Splendid Times Tower is a landmark building in western Zhongguancun District. With a floor area of over 64,500 sq m, the magnificent tower comprises 13 above-ground Grade A office levels and 3 underground storeys offering a capacity of over 320 parking lots.


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International Financial Centre

No. 4 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District

International Financial Center is a Grade A office building in Beijing's CBD. It covers 240,000 sq m and comprises 4 towers; two of 150 sq m height and the other two towers of 90 sq m height.


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Cultural Heigth Media Tower

Zhongguancun West, Haidian District

As the main focus within Zhongguancun's cultural square and a flagship commercial project, the "culture-themed" building is the only large-scale development providing book shops, travelling and education services, sports and leisure items, entertainment and dining facilities.


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ZhongGuanCun West Office/Zhongguancun Financial Center

Western Zhongguancun, Haidian District

ZhongGuanCun West Office is a landmark building in western Zhongguancun District. The 150m/37 floor tall, office building is expected to be completed and in late 2005, but will open in october 2006.


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Beijing Wanda Plaza

East Ring Road III - CBD

Beijing Wanda Plaza is situated at the heart of the central business district of Beijing City, on the north side of Chang'an Avenue. It is next to East Ring Road III and the International Trade Centre. The site area is 10 ha and the floor space of the structures to be built above ground will be approximately 500,000 square metres.


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East City Chang'an Street - CBD

Another large project around the CBD area. The complex of building will contain offices, residentials, retails and a 34 floor international hotel. The project has a size on 300 000sqm. The project also contains a cultural park and a botanical garden.




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Beijing Goldfield Plaza

Beijing - China

Project: Beijing Goldfield Plaza

Developer: Beijing Goldfield Hongye Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Address: 10th Floor, Tower C of Heqiao Building, N0.8A,Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Project address: N0.T5, Langjiayuan, Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (800 meters east to the China World Trade Center)

Market Consultant: Jones Lang La Salle

Beijing Goldfield Plaza is located in the CBD, to the north of Chang

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Beijing Looped Hybrid

Beijing - China

An ultra-modern expression of 21st. Century ecological urban living.

Filmic urban space; around, over and through multifaceted spatial layers, is one of the central aims of this 160,000 square meter Hybrid Building complex with over 700 apartments sited adjacent to the old city wall of Beijing.

Current development in Beijing is almost entirely

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Beiyuan Beichen Green Estate

Beijing - China

Status: Under development

This ambitious project is sited on the North end of Future Beijing Olympic Park with magnificent views of the forest bush, and unlimited potential. In this unique setting, the aim is to embody an ecologically sensitive development, and to create a lifestyle character. The key indscape

element of the golden pond is the focus of different zones and meshes together the needs of business, community and the individual into a large-scale development.

The whole site is shaped as a North-South triangle with a total area of 114ha. Many different components are designed and integrated with each other including: a landmark high rise building with luxury accommodation, offices, retail and restaurants, a variety of residential units, kindergarten and schools, Eco House, club, parks, water features, sports facilities and a hospital.



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