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Slate's Celebration Photo Essay


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All and all, Celebration is about 350 times better than what is being built in 95% of the suburbs around the country.


Yeah, I had pretty much the same thought when I read the article. It wouldn't be my first choice of place to live, but as far as suburbs go, it looks really well designed. I've never actually been to celebration, and from what I heard I was expecting not to like it, but at least in the pictures it looked pretty nice.

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Celebration is a nice design but it is out there in sprawlsville. Avalon has the same issue, a great new urbanism design out in sprawlsville. The bad cancels out the good. That's why of all these similar projects I'm partial to Baldwin Park. You can argue whether that's the best use for the land but for a development its size it's pretty close to the CBD.

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