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Cities that you have obsessions with

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Washington DC so much history and so many public spaces dedicated to memorializing our greatest moments.

Seattle just the energy

Orlando for its always young and forward looking appeal

Houston where the sky really is the limit, Houston for me is everything that embodies "Texas spirit"

And of course Pittsburgh, no other city like it anywhere to just think about the scope of having the most bridges in the world* as well as the most stairways in the world tells you its a unique place.

(* city designed for land travel . . . Venice was built with a boat in every garage in mind) ;)

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This is an interesting question, but would be more if we talked about why you are obsessed with these places.

For me - of course it's Chicago (I live there and love it everyday)

Santiago & Iquique, Chile - my family lives in both areas

Most of southern Spain -- so much history and the architecture is amazing

Fes, Morocco -- beautiful beautiful city with again so much history and an ancient and amazing medina.

New York City - who can't be obsessed with this amazing urban center??

other cities taht I want to visit someday:

St Petersburg



San Francisco



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I don't have any real obsession with cities, but I am always interested in things about SC cities (GSP, Columbia, Charleston), Atlanta, Charlotte, DC. In the past I have been interested in Chicago and Kansas City... Not really sure why though. I even made up a cross country trip that had a stop there :)

As for non-American cities- Marseille, Paris, London. I find info about German cities that were bombed out in WW2 and have successfully rebuilt interesting, though I am not really interested in the cities themselves.

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Obsession might be taking it a bit far for me, but these two would be the higest on my list.

Miami and New York.

Even before I moved to Miami, I had Miami in my heart and psyche. I was technically born here, but have no memories of it. Both of my parents were from here, so I always heard a lot about it. Not that I'm here, it's even better. I can't get enough of it.

What can I say about NYC... It's the greatest city on earth. If I wasn't living in Miami it'd be in NYC.

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Actually I should have added Berlin to my list. The history of it being divided during communism and reunited is very unique, that and my German ancestry has always made me interested in German cities. Berlin is also reportedly a very progressive city socially in modern time.

A matter of fact, I'm quite embarrassed that I forgot to mention it. I'd probably like it and find it more appealing then either Paris or London. LOL

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Europeans build the best cities. I haven't visited enough European cities, but my favorites so far are Prague and Bergen, Norway.

The ones that I am obbsessed with the idea of visiting are:

St Petersburg





Porto, Portugal

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Ljubljana, Slovenia


In the USA, the cities that have made the biggest impression on me are Boston, NYC, and Chicago.

USA cities I would love to visit: Miami, Savannagh, New Orleans, DC, Philly, Pittsburgh, Providence, St Louis and Kansas City (now that I've seen KCDevin's threads)

In other parts of the world, since I am going to Brazil in a week I've been obbsessed with Salvador, Rio, Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Curitiba lately.

I'd also like to hit the majors in Asia someday: Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.

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La Paz, Bolivia--the highest capital city in the world, the highest airport in the world, the highest golf course in the world, the highest ski slope in the world. Full of Aymara and Quechua Indians, and it snows in summer.

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