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Image Hosting

In order to post pictures of your city here at UrbanPlanet.org, you must first have a host. The best hosts must be paid for of course. The trick is that they must allow file sharing or direct linking. However, there are some quality free ones that allow direct linking:

  • this thread for more information about that.

    Members+ users and paid members also have access to the gallery. See this thread for more information about that.

    Don't forget: if you aren't sure if it worked, you can use the "Preview Post" button next to the "Post New Topic" button to allow you to see how your post will look!

    *Please note that only .jpg, .gif, and .png files are supported.

    *If you have any other questions about image hosting or posting, please post a reply in this thread or contact any staff member!

    **We limit the amount of images per post to 25. If you have more than 25 images that you would like to include in a post, please break it up into multiple posts.

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I recently ran into an error, and rather than create its own thread, I figured I'd ask here!

While editting a Projects and Construction list for West Palm Beach, I got this message:

"Sorry, dynamic pages in the %7Boption%7D tags are not allowed"

What did I do wrong? This might have been asked elsewhere, but I looked around before asking. It might just be a dumb question with an easy answer...lol


*ALL* images you post here at UP must end in an extension such as .jpg, .gif or .png. Dynamic images are images that are, for instance, held in a database somewhere and when called it queries that database for the image to display it. This method, when used for posting images with, could cause a security risk and therefore we have disabled the ability to post dynamic images. Please make sure all images posted end with an extension, such as listed above, and you will incur no problems.

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What is a Dynamic image? It gives me some kind of error when I try and post something.

A dynamic image doesn't have a .jpg, .gif, or .png extension. An good example of this would be a lot of webcam images. We don't allow dynamic images for security reasons. If you can PM me the link to the image you're wanting to post I can tell you the problem it has and possibly give you a workaround for posting the image.

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