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Coral Gables/Coral Way/Coconut Grove


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For the first time in the US, the City of Coral Gables is offering a service by which you can pay parking meters by cell phone. You call them when you get there to activate and call when you leave. It's a service you have to set up, but it sounds pretty interesting.

This makes comes to 3 ways you can pay the meters there, with traditional coins, meter card or now by phone.


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A new hotel-condo planned for downtown Coral Gables, near Miracle Mile, to carry the Hilton nameplate, on Salzedo St and Navarre Ave (Map). Most condo-hotels are conversions -- this will be one of the first such buildings built for this specific purpose. The properties acquired cost $11 million.


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here is a link showing many residential projects in Coral Gables. It does not list the many office buildings also going up (such as the new Burger King building)


1) 100 Alhambra Tower, located at 100 Alhambra Circle, Renzi Development, 16-Story mixed-use building with 111 residential condo units.

2) Merrick Way, 35-Merrick Way, Merrick Trust, 8-story mixed-use building with 181 condo units.

3) Alhambra Grand Plaza, 17 Minorca, Alhambra Grand Partners of south Florida, 8-story mixed use building with 130 condos.

4) 2501-2511 Ponce de Leon Blvd. Coral Gables Hines Development, 12-story mixed-use building

5) Gables Park Tower. 357-359 Almeria and 2695 LeJeune. Mixed-use building with 69 condos.

6) 1505 Ponce de Leon Blvd. Fairfield Residential, mixed-use building with 166 townhouses and condos.

7) 814 Ponce de Leon Blvd. mixed-use building with 8 condos

8) The Minorca, 2030 Douglas Road, 8-story condo with 120 units.

9) Puerta de Palmas, 800 Douglas Rd., 16-story condo with 198 units

10) Villa Florini, 1202-1212 Galiano and 111-115 Sidonia, 38 condos

11) 671 Biltmore Way, 7-story building with 17 condos

12) 711 Biltmore Way, 7- story building with 17 condos

13) 102, 106, 110 Mendoza, 6-story condo building

14) Casa Antillas: 10 Antilla Ave., 6-story building with 13 condos.

15) 729-741 Valencia. 9-story building with 38 condos.

16) 614-618 Santander Ave., two 4-story buildings with 12 condos in each building.

17) 115 Mendoza Ave., 5 -story building with 12 condos

18) Century Villas, 615 Santander Ave., 3-story building with 5 condos.

19) Century Villa Isabella, 310-326 Maderira, 3-story building with 29 condos

20) Villa Calabria, 20 Calabria, 7-story building with 35 condos

21) 327-331-345 Majorca, 8-story building with 38 condos

22) Casa Veneciana, 444 Valencia, 4 condos in the building

23) La Plaza de Zamora, 24-28 Zamora, 8-story building with 45 condos

24) 44-46 Santillane and 1091 Galiano, Capri, 24-unit condo

25) 40 Calabria, 5-story building with 14 condos

26) 900 Douglas Rd. and 16 Calabria, 24 condos

27) Casa Isaura, 101 Zamora, 5-story, 24 condos

28) Sevilla. 2800 Douglas Rd., 3-Storymixed use, with 16 condos

29) Andalusia, 100 Andalusia Ave., 8-story building with 97 condos

30) Valencia Grande, 650 Valencia. 8- story with 28 condos

31) Villa Zamora, 118 Zamora, 8-story with 38 condos.

32) The Ponce de Leon, 1607 Ponce de Leon Blvd., 14-story mixed-use building with 50 condos.

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According to today's "Daily Business Review," The long awaited "Gables Station" project is finally underway. Developer Jeff Berkowitz states that the final design will include a 240,000-square-foot vertical site housing a grocery store, office space, health club, and big box retailers. There may even be a residential aspect to the mixed use project causing the heights to increase from 100 to 125 feet and densities from as low as 40 units to 125 units per acre.

Heres the link to the project.


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I just found out about this project from my brother-in-law. He's a code enforcement officer for the city of Coral Gables and he says that this project is all the buzz at City Hall. I found the project interesting since Hilton will be the name on the Hotel side of the project. I will pursue more information in the very near future. Here's the website address:


I think this is a contender which could be added to the list of current projects.

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