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Olympia -- Gallery 701


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The whole Gallery 701 saga in Olympia is interesting. It's a great building and would be a nice compliment to the revitalization going on there. The guy just can't afford to fix it up and he'd rather go to jail for two months than sell it. Crazy stuff...

From TheState.com...

Gallery owner must repair roof

Man faces jail time if he doesn

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Well, it looks like Jack is going to jail. I'm a fan of the arts and I'd love to see something like this return to Olympia, but I have doubts about this guy's ability to get the job done. I think another non-profit like the River Alliance has a better shot at doing something special with the building and preserving it.


Gallery promoter to serve 30 days

Repairs begin on Olympia building


Staff Writer

A Columbia Municipal Court judge sentenced Gallery 701 executive director Jack Gerstner to 30 days in jail on Wednesday for not repairing the roof of his historic Olympia village building.

Gerstner, who offered to serve 60 days if he didn

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