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P2P networks.


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Ive tested out emule and thaught the layout was better than Edonkey. I also use Peerguardian to block rogue IP addresses (RIAA,MPAA etc...) to be on the safe side, though it cant prevent everything. Limewire is probably my second choice, its fast and has some good options.

Kazaa,Grokster, and anything on the Fasttrack network I avoid since they seem to be infested with spyware,ads and are major host for fake files. Though they do have Kazaa lite and Diet K which can be alot less risky.

The Gnuttella network, (Gnucleus,Morpheus,Limewire etc...) is a VERY large network which has been looked at by the RIAA alot. Yet the RIAA hasnt mastered the art of invading these networks that use G2. They are awesome networks are good and work pretty nicely, yet a firewall along with a IP blocker maybe needed. Also I think ( I maybe wrong) the Gnuttellas operate on a decentralized server meaning there is no main computer holding most files and rather a bunch of seperate ones.

So far Bittirrent is an awesome client and is also huge yet very safe and difficult to corrupt due toi the fact that they piece together bits of files rapidly and dismiss files that dont match with the originally downloaded copy. Its probably the fastest and can download virtually anything when you go to a site that host torrent files.

Smaller clients are safe and have a nice sense of community. Yet they often lack files. Soulseek is very good for music and very tight and safe. Though it can be very slow, but I have tested it and if you wait a while you could have some quality files. When you make donations on the site you get booted up the list and wont have to wait with quies (spelling).

MP2P network works good ONLY for songs.

I list more but am tired of typing.

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