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Downtown Columbia Devlopment


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Developing downtown

Developers see potential for growth in Huger corridor


Business Editor

The planned redevelopment of the Kline Iron and Steel property at the corner of Huger and Gervais streets is fueling interest in the future of real estate up and down Huger Street.

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So really, this confirms what we already know, but its is good informaiton about some othe other proprties over there. I wope this commercial corridor will include some stores that would be usefull to those living downtown- like an electronics store, or a clothing store. Its very frustrating to have to drive to Harbison or Two Notch to buy things.

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I wish CanalSide would get developed..there would be a much greater likelihood of a downtown commercial zone. With both banks of the Congaree being developed with upscale housing there likely will be more emphasis on that property development. That corner of Lady & Huger is gonna be so hot. The city has foreseen that..I used to wonder why they spent so much in that street corridor.

Maybe emerging.me should have bought those parcels! There was a good article yesterday on how much can be made for those redeemed by original owners. 3-12 percent I think.

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I was working with an ad company guy this afternoon and we were talking about the sale. He sat at the courthouse once for a day and half waiting on one property to come up..the delinquent paid his taxes the day before the sale. Maybe it's different now. He did not say how long ago this was.

Also he bought a house that used to be on Green Street where Gibbes Green condos are being expanded. He moved it down Trenhold Road..big beautiful two story house.

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