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What's your age group?  

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  1. 1. What's your age group?

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that's a little depressing... in a few months i'll be in the thirtysomething range.

i have memories of when my parents were 35.  that freaks me out a little.  where did the time go?


I can remember when my parents were in their early 20s, so I've been freaked out for a while now.

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I'm 24. I can remember my dad in his fifties... he is 71 now. My mom is 62. I'm freaked cause I never remember her having anything but grey hair. I have a brother who is 40 and a sister who is 33 though.

The really scary thing is that I have a younger brother who is 18. :)

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i'm a disco baby, i'm 26. I was born 7/7/78. Would have been all 7s if I were born a year earlier. Store clerks always bring that up when they see my drivers licence. But three 7s are considered lucky. If I were born 20 minutes later it would have been 7/8/78. I was born when my father was 38 and when my mother was 31. and I'm the youngest child. I remember as far back at the age of 1. Many people don't remember that far back.

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