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San Diego: La Jolla/UTC


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Another reason why San Diego should be a recognized city. The La Jolla district of San Diego is a very upscale neighborhood with a elegant setting on a hill facing the ocean. There is an apartment overlooking the La Jolla Shore and the water is clear, unlike SF Bay. If I moved there I will not move again. :blush:

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Beautiful Pictures! I have been to San Diego, it was so nice! We loved being, did not want to leave. San Diego is a large city yet it still maintains a small town feel, friendly people, etc. We also went to Los Angeles on the trip... you can imagine our disappointment in comparison to S.D. Coronado was really cool as was La Jolla and Downtown. We saw the Morman Church as well while in La Jolla, the Hyatt there was an awesome design too. I want to go back soon!

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Photos from August in the northern areas of San Diego.

I love San Diego. I would move there if it weren't so damned expensive. Very nice pictures too.

Of interest, the large cross featured in one of the pictures will be brought down soon. There was a lawsuit pending for some time regarding separation of church and state issues, but the city has given up and it may become a war memorial of some kind. A church group had tried to purchase the land from the city to save it, but that fell through.

I'm all about separation of church and state, but the whole thing seems a little ridiculous. It's a nice landmark that signifies San Diego's history as a Catholic mission city.

Story is here.

Just my opinion.


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