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presidential genealogical relationships


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It just goes to show how small this world is and that we are all related to one another some kind of way.

presidents who are distant cousins

Harry S. Truman and Dick Cheney

Martin Van Buren and Theodore Roosevelt

Barack Obama and James Madison

John Quincy Adams and Calvin Coolidge

George Washington and Grover Cleveland

George W. Bush and Franklin Pierce

Thomas Jefferson and John F. Kennedy

Ulysses Grant and Franklin D. Roosevelt

Lyndon B. Johnson and Barack Obama

James Garfield and George H. W. Bush

Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt

Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush

Ulysses Grant and George W. Bush

Harry S. Truman and Barack Obama

Abraham Lincoln and George W. Bush

Ronald Reagan and George Washington

Barack Obama and George Washington

Barack Obama and George H.W. Bush

Dwight D. Eisenhower and George Washington

there is actually a lot more. This is just a small list.

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