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Commercial Real Estate in Trouble?


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According to this article, there could be a commercial real estate bust like the residential one now/a few years ago.


Anyone think this is true, and if so how does this affect Nashville?

It seems that commercial development has already taken a hit by the "economic crisis" with slow proposal and development and cancellations/delays. I guess this is pointing to developments already built?

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I have been hearing the same thing since 2009 maybe even earlier. I think everything depends on Europe and the problems there. I dont think we have as much of the same problem here as the economy in the Mid TN area seems to be picking up. You are always going to have some areas of town that do better than others and depending on the area of town it will depend on what kind of commercial you are talking about. That would be the office, retail, warehouse and mfg sements. One may have problems while the others are fine.

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Yeah, ok, I figured this was not a big deal. Couldn't really "feel" much to it. Maybe some smaller commercial real estate owners, etc. might be affected (small "strip malls"), but probably that's it.

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