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CCMC Surgical Center Farmington

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CCMC is planning on building a $10 Million surgical center in Farmington to take some pressure off of its Hartford Campus.

It will be located at 505 Birds Eye Rd in Farmington and include 2 operating rooms with room to expand to 4 as demand increases.

The main campus is well over capacity with 10,098 surgical procedures performed in 2011 and 13,000 procedures projected for 2012.


Faced with an increasing demand for outpatient surgeries and shrinking space on its Hartford campus, the Connecticut Children's Medical Center is looking to build a new $10 million surgical center in Farmington.

The proposed 18,321-square-foot facility would add up to four operating rooms for outpatient surgery and give the medical center one of its largest locations outside its main campus in Hartford.

Coffey said the added space should help reduce wait times and allow the Medical Center to renovate and reconfigure its space in Hartford to better accommodate new technology.

Its amazing that they are so over capacity that they cant even renovate to make space.

Lets hope that this continued growth helps to create a world class childrens medical center and an economic boost to the area.

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Does the city offer tax breaks or incentives for companies that expand inside the city? Here is a business that is tremendously successful in the city and when they grow, they leave town.

This has got to stop. Not a good showing by the mayor, the city or the business development office.

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Dude, this is not just about expanding... This is clearly partly about moving closer to customers and expanding their footprint. Farmington is where the money is and where the tiger moms live, so if you build a safe little suburban ambulatory sugrical unit in Farmington, baby Anna-Bella-Sofia-Isabella-Madison... can get her Umbilical Hernia repaired or her Ear tube insertion, or tonsilectomy without leaving the valley and driving an extra 20 minutes. Even more so, the

The thing is... CCMC has become the go to place for most of Eastern CT, so my Nephew went there as a baby for his Umbilical Hernia. As the hospital has gained popularity with the rest of the state, it has made ecpansion necessary. This Farmington expansion is good for the hospital and will allow them to renovate and expand their Hartford location. I think the end game is a big win for the area as the popularity of this Hospital will only grow and eventually beyond the borders of CT.

Patient volume increased by 30% in 1 year from 2011 to 2012.

A quick add to capacity of 2 additional Operating rooms increases capacity 25% (~16,000) and potentially 50% (~19,000) if they open all 4 rooms.

This measure will only buy a small window for the downtown rennovation and next step expansion wich will surely happen downtown as noted in the article. If growth continues anywhere near this rate, you can be certain that the downtown hospital will propose a major expansion in the near future.

And please dont forget that CCMC had to put their administrative office staff in E-Hartford a few years back to make more room for treating patients. CCMC is one of the proposed tenants for the 12 story office building planned near their campus. This would bring those jobs back. to Hartford as well.

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looks like CCMC is expanding on all fronts.

Besides the farmington office, it looks like they are slowly merging with Shriners in Springfield.

the partnership will evolve over time, but will begin with some contractual service aspects right away that do not need regulatory approval. they said by end of next year they might need approvals for something.

this makes me think that in a year an a half we will have a full on merger happen.

So if this is the case, there will certainly be even more demand for acute care at CCMC making this Farmington location even more key.

Hartford is starting to develop a serious medical cluster with both CCMC and HH expanding through partnerships. Not much out of St Francais lately, but I am sure we will be hearing from them.

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HT, any chance I can get a thread title edit?

something like CCMC expansion and developments?


the HMB print endition had a nice article on CCMC and their recent growth as well as their intentions for the near future.

a few highlights:

"We are embarking on some major initiatives," Gavin said in a recent interview. "Our goal is to become the children's hospital of southern New England."


Of course, the hospital has already been growing steadily in both size and reach since Gavin took over as CEO in 2006. The medical center's employment base has grown by 400 people; it has added 52 in-patient beds; total admissions have nearly doubled to 10,602.

Annual fundraising has also nearly tripled to $10.3 million.


Gavin is interested in partnering with a managed care company to create a managed care organization that caters to children.

most interesting to us...

Gavin said it's not his goal to make Connecticut Children's a big player in brick and mortar expansion, saying he prefers to lease space when possible rather than build new locations from the ground-up.

So it seems we can expect continued growth from CCMC, but we might not see much construction from them.

they are however doing the Farmington development, and will build a new primary care center in Hartford by the end of 2013.

these primary care centers are generally small, but they now have 17 such centers across the state.

I am thinking that CCMC is in the right hands, and expansion on an operational side is more important than any brick and morter expansion. if this 5 year plan comes through as expected I suspect CCMC will be a much bigger name in childrens health in the region. Lets hope that long term this leads to more jobs. It sounds like it will both at Founders plaza, at the Rockyhill data center, the new Farmington Surgery center and the main Hartford campus.

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