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Minority babies now majority, surpassing whites for first time


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The face of America is changing. For the first time in U.S. history, Minorities make up the majority of babies in this nation. Hispanics make up America's largest minority group, followed by African-Americans and then Asians. This is actually a huge deal because there are political implications. Minorities tend to vote for democrats so what does this mean for the GOP twenty or thirty years from now when this majority will be voting? The GOP is not helping matters with their stand on immigration. America will be a different place indeed in the next two or three decades. By then Spanish will be mandatory in all public schools and children will be expected to speak it fluently. Minority presidents will be more common. But the GOP has a serious problem because Hispanics, blacks, Asians and other minorities vote for the democrats.


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I think the GOP has a serious problem without whites being a minority. It is interesting how fast minorities are becoming the majority however. I remember being in elementary school and seeing the first hispanic beginning in third grade. In high school there were probably 100 or so. The dynamics of this country are changing which could be a very good thing. I'm pretty happy that the GOP now has an uphill climb. IMO, bigotry runs rampant in that party (not all of it mind you) and this will certainly put a damper on their tactics.

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