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Did George H.W. Bush conspire to assasinate Ronald Reagan?


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This is quite a shocking story folks! Hold on to your hats. Seriously.

Many people remember the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan's life ---it happened in the early part of his administration in 1981. Sadly, Reagan was hit pretty bad by a would-be assassin's bullet, but amazingly he survived it and went on to serve two terms.

The would-be assasin was John Hinkley Jr., who reportedly shot the president as a twisted way to attract actress Jodie Foster's attention. At trial, Hinkley was found mentally incompetent. He was placed in a psychiatric hospital, where he remains to this day 24/7. **note: he is granted occassional outings which are highy publicized.

What did not come out during the trial was the fact that John Hinkley Sr. was a good friend of Vice President (at the time) George H.W. Bush! Not only was he a good friend of the Bush family, he also was a peer of George H.W. Bush in the oil industry in the 70s, and a major contributor to George H.W. Bush's many Texas campaigns for different offices over the years.......

And get this: John Hinkley Sr. also served as campaign manager for George H.W. Bush's 1980 campaign for the US Presidency! And of course George H.W. Bush lost the nomination for the presidency, but Reagan brought him on the ticket as V.P.

Also not mentioned by the media was the fact that Scott Hinkley (the brother of John Hinkley Jr.) had a dinner date scheduled with none other than NEIL BUSH, on the day following the assasination attempt.

Other things not mentioned were John Hinkley Jr.'s extreme racism/anti semitism and Neo-Nazi affiliations. (I started a post on urbanplanet some time ago about the Bush family-Nazi Connection.) Prescott Bush, the original Bush crook, was widely known as a money launderer for German Nazis.

It's no secret that the CIA has been experimenting with mind control for decades. A reminder: George H.W. Bush was the Director of the CIA in the middle 70s. Could John Hinkley Jr. have been put under some kind of mind control/hypnotic trance to make him shoot at President Reagan?

When you put two-and-two together, doesn't it strongly look like George H.W. Bush was in on some sort of conspiracy to get rid of Reagan, so he could assume the Presidency? The media's lack of coverage on this issue makes it even more suspicious. (I recently found out about it online---31 years after the event.)

some interesting links: Wikipedia discusses John Hinkley Sr's political and business connections to George H.W. Bush and the Bush family. ***scroll down toward the end of the wiki article.


Another link with evidence that the Bushes and Hinkleys are actually cousins!


Also a link by blogger Aaron Dahl that is a facinating read, as it goes into great detail about John Hinkley Jr's Nazi history.

http://rakemucker.co...nald Reagan.htm

Just more proof that the American mainstream media is under tight control. Is it not obvious that this information should have been a major story 31 years ago! Reportedly John Chancellor mentioned the connection between the two families on air once, but never again. One of the biggest events of the latter 20th Century, when a US President came close to being assasinated, and the damn truth is just now coming out---- and only because of the internet.

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Nothing surprises me any more. I've also heard that George H W Bush either had something to do with the JFK assassination or he had knowledge before hand. Its interesting that Bush said jokingly in an interview "If the people knew what we had done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us"

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   The connection between the Hinckley's and the Bush's was reported by the Associated Press the next day and appeared in several newspapers. The newspaper articles are still available online. Do your homework! It was not kept a secret. They also mention the dinner date as well.                                


   Whether this was brought up at the trial I don't know. Why would it? The fact they knew each other was already well known before Hinkley's trial. They are not trying to prove any kind of conspiracy, only whether Hinckley was guilty or not guilty.


  Also Hinkley Sr. was not the campaign manager for George H.W. Bush in 1980, James A. Baker III was.


   Hinkley wanted to assassinate President Carter prior to his attempt on President Reagan. He was definitely a wack job. How he got that way who knows. I'm not saying there was or wasn't a conspiracy here, just that it wasn't a secret about the families knowing each other. I think Bush would have distanced himself just a little farther away from the assassin than a friend of the family's son but then again Hinkley's just crazy and trying to impress Jodie Foster not make me president.

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