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Clinton St Condo-Bushnell

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In the 777 main st Thread M Q Reilley mentioned an HBJ article he read about the bushnell getting into development, and the DPH lab building.

Here is the article now available online.


The article mentions it being on clinton street, but when you search the hartford tax map, there are only 3 properties on Clinton, and none are the Lab.

The lab is on Clinton, but its address is part of 79 Elm. its connected from the back of the building. if you check a map like bing, its the two 5 story buildings tucked behind 79 Elm, but fronting on Clinton.


here is the bit from the article...

He said The Bushnell already is eyeing a state-owned building on Clinton Street, which currently houses the Department of Health Laboratories. The building is expected to be vacant in the near future as the agency moves its offices to Rocky Hill.

Robert Patricelli, chairman of The Bushnell’s board of trustees, said there are preliminary plans for a mixed use residential development that could involve the state demolishing that building and donating the land to a developer, who would turn the site into a high-rise condo development.

“We had some preliminary conversations with developers,” Patricelli said.

High Rise condo? Im listening...

its actually a great place because if you consider that 79 Elm is historic, a high-rise would have a forever park view. Also, Clinton St is a nice little cut through too. If any potential development would attract empty nesters, a park front highrise condo next to the bushnell would be it!

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Yeah, this is a tough one. I guess this is the state lab, so they thought it best not to be in the middle of the city for safety reasons?. Or Rocky Hill had smart politicos in the Rell Years.

There is an article on here somewhere about the new facility. Its almost finished and was a 200 million plus development.

At least Malloy is looking to concentrate offices and move workers back into Hartford. Its really funny how a different regiem can change quite a bit! I think Malloy is supportive of the cities in CT, and as such the longer he is in office the better off Hartford will be. All of the consolidations planned and proposed are seemingly focusing opn putting services closest to the population centers.

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It's a whole new building It would have looked great (and enhanced the medical cluster) as part of the Hartford Hospital Complex. Instead of a Rocky Hill neighborhood.


Here's the press release

Governor M. Jodi Rell today announced that about $69.4 million to pay for construction of a new state public health laboratory is expected to gain approval when the state Bond Commission meets March 16.

The new, 110,000-square-foot laboratory, to be built on a 22-acre site in Rocky Hill, would replace the aging facility now located at 10 Clinton Street in downtown Hartford. The Public Health Laboratory is responsible for a wide range of services, including testing for biological, viral, fungal and parasitic disease agents; screening for diseases in newborns; checking for potential toxins in air, water, fish, landfills and consumer products; and checking the quality of drinking water.

“This new laboratory is an essential improvement for our Department of Public Health and for the many agencies it supports,” Governor Rell said. “The need for a modern, fully equipped laboratory is clear. Not only does our lab provide numerous services for DPH and communities all across Connecticut, it also does critical work for agencies such as the Departments of Environmental Protection, Agriculture, Consumer Protection, Public Safety and Labor as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“The new building was designed with careful attention to the environment, work flow and the future,” the Governor said. “The building is oriented make the most of available daylight and will benefit from indirect lighting and natural shading. The offices have external sunshades to control glare while the lobby design integrates the employee entrance, eliminating the need for a separate entrance. The lab will have BioSafety Level III and BioSafety Level III-Enhanced facilities and the necessary supporting infrastructure so that they are capable of working with almost any substance.”

The $69,362,800 project includes a 200-car parking area to serve DPH staff and visitors.

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gotta say, I like the way the rendering looks.


maybe someone else can post it.


what is cool is that when you take the bushnells vision and add it to what could be at the state office building... you get a pretty sweet place with a crap load of nice new housing in a great... let me repeat... GREAT location.

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The rendering is awesome. Not sure how to post it, but I'm really happy that the Bushnell is still actively pursuing this. This would be a huge boost to the effort to build the proper density Downtown and on its peripheries. This area and Downtown North are the two wastelands that really need to be developed in order to make Downtown whole.  What really caught me somewhat off guard here though was the mention of possible development by the state itself of it's surface parking into a mixed use development wrapped around a parking structure. If that is in the pipeline in addition to the Bushnell's plans, than that is a really big deal.

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I looked at this again.


the rendering here shows the office building parking lot undeveloped.  it seems however that is the way the state is leaning.


Also the render shows more housing on the other side of West Street. 

based on what they describe and show...

that 3-4 floors of residential would hold about 100 apartments

also they have those 3 kinda generic looking towers there.  each of those look like they would have 100 units each also.  maybe more.

they are 16-18 stories tall.

I Think its a great vision for the lots in question but also a bit far fetched.  They would need to build an underground garage it seems that would support the houseing anf also likely serve other functions.   to be big enough to serve 300 units, it would be a big damn garage!!


also, with what the article said about the state using those lots during the construction at the state office building, I think the timeframe is sooo protracted it would be a tough sell to any investor.


Anyways.  I will hope for this... the State builds a monster garage next to the office and wraps it in 100-150 apartments.  or has a private developer do that residential part. 

the bushnall get their wealthiest supporters to build the apartment building complex on their side of the street and one condo tower primarily filled with these same investors. 


the area gains something like 300 residents and some true high end condos.


that big konnover owned buildinng at 55 Elm is converted into apartments or condos completing the connection around the park and towards main street.

the remaining large surface lots fill in with more development in the following 5 years creating a modern day back bay type area for hartford.


this new area helps to spread gentrification further down Main Street and incroaching into Park street making a truely vibrant street that continues to serve as Hartfords main shopping area but also serves a more mixed group of shoppers.



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 What really caught me somewhat off guard here though was the mention of possible development by the state itself of it's surface parking into a mixed use development wrapped around a parking structure. If that is in the pipeline in addition to the Bushnell's plans, than that is a really big deal.


in the article about the planned renno of the office building there is a good deal of references to the parking structure wrapped in housing.


I think it has to be the only sane way to develop this surface lot.  I mean, sure they couold build a huge ramp and just screw the area, but the state seems to know better these days.  Even looking at the Morton ramp, there is retail built into it, so the thought has to be at least to do something better than pure parking.  also the 175 mill price tag seems to ensure the significant scope of a new parking structure. 


I dont think anyone would think that just parking and retail would work either.  there are not enough customers here for retail to work, so housing looks to be the best possible use. 


anyways, big ramps like this will surely be often leave the spaced for future wrapping.  it might not happen at the same time.


check out minneapolis.  they had a ton of ramps get wrapped during the recession up to today as a later step for past projects including a huge theater redevelopment.


Id love to see more wrapped ramps here!




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Thanks BB


I can see it more clearly now that they show a parking garage under the 2 towers.  thats good and sensible.


just this project alone would be transformative to the Southern edge of the park.


The state wouldnt need to do much to that surface lot to make things even better.

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Interesting that they chose Suisman.  he is the lead on iQuilt.


Not sure if this "project" has enough legs to have a subcontractor.  I mean its really a concept and they have not secured the land or anything as of yet. 


I think the State office plans need to be finalized for Bushnell to be able to make their plans.  Also, I think a wealthy benefactor needs to sign on with Bushnell.  I mean they are kind of making this happening but will surely need to sello the idea at some point to an expert with $$


I would love to see them test the condo market.  I think condos will work in Hartford if HIGH END and on the park.   bonus points for backing from a cultural institution


I would have loved to see the Hartford times building become condos with the Wadsworth in a nice elegent high end tower.  but this concept is really perfect here.

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I get mad every time I hear or read that.  Its just silly.


I go downtown socially at least once a week.  Mostly in the evening but also during the day and on weekends as well as week days.  almost never have a problem finding parking.  It is only when there is an event that struggle a iittle


I should add, that by "finding parking"  I mean free parking! or metered city parking.

but alas I do sometimes pay and I always park with 1 block of my destination.  maybe 1.5 blocks, but seriously I am always within a reasonable walk of my destination even on rainy days and ALWAYS for less that 10 bucks a visit.  usually its free or 2 bucks.  the 7-10 thing happens during events, and by that I mean when there is something at the meadows and XL. 



on another note....


The article about this condo sparked some discussion on Reddit /r Hartford I dont post on that crazy place, but it was interesting to see peoples condos and the general optimism that is begining to be more commonly heard.  Its a nice to not be the only person that can see the progress!!

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yes please!!!!!



Looked at this more


It has retail along capital Ave.


and it looks like retail surrounding that big housing block with the garage in the center of it.


pretty cool dream.  I especially like the addition of the "small" park.that will be a nice amenity to the area.  While it can be said the Bushnell park is close enough, the area S of this park is absolutely under served by greenspace.  This park will be like a local park for the residences pictured here and also for the propertys south increasing their value...


also I see Cedar street is extended too.

this seems to cover the entire area, and it a a sweet dream!



lastly.... Source?

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