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Maybe Orlando's Not So Bad....


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It seems the next generation has discovered what we did oh-so-long-ago...


One of the most fascinating things about Orlando is that, once you're here for a bit, you discover that just when you think it's time to leave because of some thing we don't have, they tend to come right along and say it's coming soon.

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Orlando is definitely maturing and people are noticing it. I LOVE to come back every few months (really twice a year now, unfortunately) and see how things have changed, and thankfully, how much has stayed the same (the vibrancy and energy of a night out downtown is nothing new). This article rings so true -- I always consider relocation opportunities that arise, and one day, I will probably return.

The performing arts center is going to usher-in an entirely new "downtown scene," and with it I suspect that new establishments catering to the clientele will come onboard. This can only compliment an already diverse array of entertainment options.

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Let the whiners leave! I love this city and think that there's so much upside that WILL be realized as soon as development picks up again throughout Central Florida. Sunrail is going to inspire development, Lake Nona's Medical City will inspire development, and UCF's continued growth will inspire development. I believe we are due to something MAJOR happening during all of that.


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