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Olympia Snowe is retiring from the Senate.


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Sen. Olympia Snowe R-Maine is resigning her seat after this session of congress.

Snowe always tried to fashion herself a "moderate", perhaps even a "swing vote". Democrats even seemed to buy into that idea.

I never saw her vote anyway except with the Republican leadership.....go figure.

She stood by Bush for 8 long years, and then she obstructed the Health Care debate under Obama. I don't see anything moderate about that.

I will forever remember Snowe as an uptight, obstructionist conservative who slickly disguised herself as a moderate. To Olympia Snowe I say good riddance. When any Republican leaves the government it has to be a good day.

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The opening should make it more difficult for the GOP to take over the senate. There is no guarantee they'll keep control of the house considering congress has the lowest approval ratings in U.S. history. Congress is the heart of the problem and its why we are seeing a slow economic recovery. Obama's stimulus plan was a reason why we are seeing a recovery in the first place. Most people don't realize that most of the stimulus was tax cuts, not spending.

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Olympia Snowe has just announced she would give President Obama an "F" as president. She said he's unwilling to work with Republicans~

Er...is she sure she's speaking of Obama? Not working with the other side sounds more like the Republicans, particularly House Speaker John Boeher.

Well, I give Olympia Snowe an "F" as a US Senator. I can't think of one single accomplishment that could be attributed to her. She was a slick partisan player, usually in an obstructionist sense. We can only hope her successor will be a more effective public servant.

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