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Life Point Hospitals Corp HQ moving from Williamson to Nashville


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A bit of good news with the announcement today that Lifepoint Hosp. is moving from Williamson County to Davidson County, but just barely. Williamson County is only about a quarter mile from this location. Just wish it could be DT.

There will be a new building built at the Seven Springs location on Old Hickory. I knew the office building was going to be built for some time but did not know who was going in it.


I was just talking to William about the possibility of corporation moving back into Davison form Williamson but thought that may be a pie in the sky.

We need a lot new corpoarte reloctions to Nashville rahter than the existing ones moving around.

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Ah! I know exactly where this is (in my neck of the woods). Yeah, they have only one building there with plenty of room for expansion. Sounds like they have another quarter they are filling with this relocation. A prime spot as it is in "Brentwood" but in Davidson county barely. This area already has a few office buildings here and there and is developing into a "mini"-office park.

It looks like there is a retail "front" on the rendering, but I guess the office building and parking garage is the only thing getting built at the time.

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Per the NBJ LifePoint receives a 15 year property tax abatement.... ?!?!!?!

I do not understand this giveaway. Can anyone help me out? As one who generally understands tax incentives this deal has me at a loss. A 15-year property tax abatement for a company to relocate 3-miles down the road is wasteful and screams of cronyism. How many 'new' jobs are to be created? Any? No this should be voted down barring any new information IMO.

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