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Downtown Nashville Annual report from earlier in the year.


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This presentation is from the DT Partnership luncheon.


There is a slide bar on this presentation and there are some duplicating themes in this presentation as well but it has a lot of great stats on the actual boundaries considered to be downtown.


Thus, this could be one of the reasons we are seeing a surge in development downtown.

This is the 2011 Partnership report:


Again a lot of this information is repetitive.

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Just looking at the DT residential numbers from the DT Partnership study. We have 6254 residents in our DT as compared to Charlotte with 12,960.

The total residential units in DT is 4503 as compared to Charlotte is 10,800. Nashville has 1.3 residents per unit and Charlotte has 1.2 residents per unit.

The above numbers are 2012 projected numbers. So just to catch up to Charlotte, we would need 6297 units built in the DT. Memphis numbers are even more with over 20,000 people living in their DT.

Nashville is going to have to play catch up with all of our peer cities, so the current apartment boom is not unreasonable. Another note of interest is that the downtown sellable unit supply will be gone next year based on current buying trends and there are no other condo units coming on line DT or even planned.

I look for all of the apartments or almost all of the apartments planned for DT and midtown to be built and there will still be a shortage DT as many of these units are not considered to be in the DT area. There are around 3000 apartment units planned that have been announced with a couple of more that have not been announced but even then the number would be under 3500 units.

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