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In Progress: Center for Science, Health and Wellness

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As the photos show, this project is well under construction. The thing I find interesting is, the renderings on the attached link show what looks like the entrance to this building in the rear of the existing 'West Campus' building. Maybe there will be some reworking of the site, but I would not assume that the main entrance of a building would be located there.

This school has grown an awful lot in the past 20 years. I look forward to seeing the approach to growth over the next 20 years as the current site becomes more occupied.

post-14079-023024200 1275581713_thumb.jp

post-14079-067265700 1275581875_thumb.jp

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I just happened to find a webcam that the school uses to track the project; it's not very interesting, but the it gives a sense of what stage the construction is at. I'll have to check, maybe they have an archive or other views.


Thanks for the update!

I gotta say that I wish all of the uiniversities in CT would focus on growing "their business"

students are a great economic driver, and young educated people do wonders for the town.city they are in let alone for the business prospects near by.

If each of the states schools added only 500 students, the economic impact as well as the cultural impact would be massive!

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I attended some classes at Norwalk Community College after I graduated high school and thought it was a great place to find my footing. It seems to have gone through a pretty large growth spurt since then, adding a large addition 10 or so years ago and now this project. It'll be interesting what will happen next on the campus because, with all the parking requirements, they seem to be pretty close to maxed out unless they build a garage. If they did that vast amounts of land could be opened up for future expansion.

The schools website says there are 6,500 student currently and over 170,000 have attended since the school opened in the early 1960's. Pretty impressive!

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