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Saints SuperBowl win to spark new development


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Definitely not IMO. I'm sure that winning the Superbowl was good for the city, particularly bars and the like, but to say that companies will expand or more folks will move to NO because they won is far-fetched.

Having said that, the recognition certainly isn't going to be bad for NO, but as far as development is concerned it will have absolutely no impact.

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Congrats to the Saints first of all... Awesome win for the franchise and the city. I do agree with Neo however in that a SB win won't translate into more development and a mass addition of residents. There's really no direct correlation between the two. Take the Steelers in the 70s and Bills in the 90s (even though Buffalo lost all 4 SB games). Those cities were bleeding residents and jobs during their teams rise to prominence. The good thing for those residents though is that it gave them something to hang their hat on. Though, I'm sure Mardi Gras will be off the charts this year.. However, on the flip side in relation to universities, most will see a large surge in student applications if a team wins the national title in football or basketball. But that's more apples to oranges...

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I doubt this will spark development. However, the amount of attention the city has received from the win is priceless, especially in light of the positive "New Orleans is back" message that was the theme of much of it. I am sure that the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau is turning cartwheels over the press.

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