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Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy dies at age 77


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Teddy was a millionaire many times over, but his political life was always dedicated to helping those less fortunate. Even with his questionable past continually haunting him, Teddy was a permanent champion of the less fortunate among us. Even his most vehement detractors can't deny that.

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I've watched umpteen biographies and TV specials about Teddy the past few days. One thing that is constantly being said about Ted is that he was a real listener . When people talked to him, he totally listened to them. A rare trait.

Way back when, during one of Teddy's drunken eras in Florida, Sen. Orrin Hatch spoke to him about the drinking. Turns out Hatch and Kennedy were great friends. Well, as was his wont, Teddy listened, and got his s*it together. He married his wife Vicki, and became a new man.

Too bad people don't take a hint from Kennedy's good-listener legacy. It was probably one of his best characteristics.

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The memorial service was quite nice. I learned that Bobby eulogized John, and Teddy eulogized Bobby. And I think it was very fitting that our first Black president eulogized the last of the Kennedy brothers, all of whom worked so tirelessly for equal rights for African Americans and the less fortunate among us.

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