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PROPOSED: Hartford Hospital Garage

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On the corner of Seymour Street and Retreat Avenue, the Hospital is looking to build a massive garage where a surface parking lot now sits.


The article says several hundered spots are now there. Any time a garage replaces surface parking it is a big step in the right direction.

Also any further growth at HH is a great thing as well. this is one of our best places for employment growth in good times and bad.

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I guess I jumped the gun on this one.

I saw an approval, it just must have not been the final hurdle. maybe they are in for design review or somethig now.

regardless the whole thing is still a ways off.

parking garages have always facinated me. such a simple structure, but such an important part of the urban fabric. this will take so much pressure off of the existing at grade parking options.

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I have no problem with the city taking its time to regulate all construction. The years where the city let the DOT and corporations do their worst, we're still stuck with those problems and no solution. Strict zoning is best.

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So thanks to some info from Luca Brasi and then a little googling and actually thinking.....

There seems to be 2 Garage projects at HH

Once is fully under construction with a large red crane onsite.

This is the 1200 space employee parking lot with a wellness center and electric car charging stations located on Hudson Street.

9 stories tall and costing about $40,000,000

Not sureif this google maps link will work, but you can see construction from the recent satelite images

http://maps.google.c... 06106&t=h&z=19

Also in this thread is information about a second garage to be located on Retreat. it is for general parking purposes and includes 1235 spaces and costs 47 million

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