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Cul-de-sacs kill...


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^^^ Ok, it's a great video.

BUT : I have read the "arguments" from the supporters of those dead ends. They insist about the fact that isolating the houses with cul-de-sacs reduce criminality. Of course not. Less density in an area implies less "density of criminality" not necessarily a lesser criminality.

It's not inconsiderable, people shun the downtowns or, in my country, the inner suburbs because of criminality.

However, I think that town planning can reduce the criminality. Criminality is the result of a process : the degradation.

In terms of town-planning, I summarize :

1. Beware of parking lots. People use to shut themselves away in their car, their house, their workplace ; they leave the public spaces for the fringe elements of society. The parking lots become a meeting place for different worlds... So, it's important that the citizens appropriate the public spaces (= more density), and prefer the controlled underground parking lots.

2. We talk today about "sustainable cities" (in French "ville durables" or "

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The Cul-de-sac is for those running away from crime they are unwilling to face, and in turn unwilling to address at its roots. Throughout the US the post WWII mentality as we all know, was to abandon downtowns. In a nutshell this was racism. The physical construct was to surround downtown with highway loops , underfund inner-city schools, (so that little black kids never graduated, never ended with a decent life, car, or any middle class trappings) and provide very limited bus service for those inside the highway loops, bus service that did not, or barely went outside the loops. This setup was championed by those who also championed low taxes and minimal government (except when it came to building those highways..then condemning victorian neighborhoods to ram through those highways was perfectly ok by them). Cul-de-sacs kill in so many ways....

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Cul-de-sacs just displace problems elsewhere. They are not "safer." In fact, studies show that crime rates in cul-de-sacs correlates with the part of town that it's in. Even gated communities have the same effect. It's a perception that seems good, but is in reality part of a much larger problem.

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