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CONCEPT: Boutique Hotel@205 Church

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An article in the register went into detail about current and potential future uses of 205 Church. the current tenants are not happy about moving out, but are happy the building wont be torn down.

the new owners plan a boutique hotel or residence.

The plan would be to start in about a year, but the owners are doing market research

Hampshire Hotels and Resorts, the New York-based developer, has bought the building. It will most likely will turn the building into an approximately 180-room, high-end boutique hotel, said Kevin Lillis, Hampshire

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This project was again mentioned in an article about New havens hotel boom.


There is some interesting stuff in here.

sure a decent ammount of rooms have been built, but it looks like plenty more are planned, and those plans are not dead.

there is a reference to hartford struggling anf the Goodwin closing, but it fails to mention how Hartfords Hotel room boom was much larger than what is happening in New Haven right now.

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