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Old Clarion Hotel


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Does anyone have any background about the old Clarion Hotel in Constitution Plaza. I was walking downtown the other day and thought it was in a really neat location. Perhaps with the AI building going up there could be some rehabbing that old hotel into maybe Residential?? :)

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There have been a few threads about that property

The history I have read on here is basicly that it was built it did ok for a while. even well. then times changed and it did less well. eventually the Swami to the Beetles bought it as part of his plan for opening centers all over the country. he closed the place down or maybe it was closed all ready. he never did anything with it after that.

its been for sale for way too much money

the building has asbestos

the building is designed with rooms far too small for todays hotel business.

the city is trying to take it by eminent domain in the near future and they want to have anything else built there because abandoned is not an option

I just did a quck forum searc(top right corner of your screen) yo find some of those other threads.



there are also countless mentions of the building in cross reference to the WFSB building, constitution plaza and a constitution college idea popular around these forums.

lots of stuff out there :)

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