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Carolina Force to open TONIGHT?!

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What a mess.....you would think that bringing a team to Greenville would result in adequate preparation. I was really disappointed with the opening night. I understand that this was a new deal.....but it was amateur night at the Bi-Lo.

1) The game started an hour and a half late. I think this was due to not having "turf" behind the end zone. They were scrambling to get something down and managed to get pad and turf down behind one end zone and had to settle for padding only behind the other end zone, so the game could start before 8:30 (7:00 ticket start time). They brought turf to replace grey padding in the other end zone at half time. Did anyone read the rule book and understand that they had to have this for game time? I am sure the officials told them at the last minute and I am sure Lowes or Home Depot sold them turf at the last minute.

2) Announcing the teams: "Are You ready For Your Carolina Greenville DRIVE?.....I mean Force?" Really, that happened.

3) Announcing #2: A couple of ticket holders from section 216 will be given the best seats in the house, courtesy of Massage Envy. If anyone wants to send a "Message"..."Message Envy" is a sponsor......Message vs. Massage? Sure they were thrilled with that endorsement...everyone laughed.

4) Half time: Cheerleaders line up and are waiting for the music...and wait...and wait...and wait. Eventually they give up and run off the field.

5) The first 5 minutes of the game were penalties....it was part the fault of the teams and not being ready, but the refs should have not been so tight on game 1, drive 1....and bring some excitement.

6) The end zones say "Wranglers"...you could clearly see that they tried to cover up Austin....but it was clear we inherited turf. Can we not cover that up and get some pride?

I wish that those in charge would have held a scrimmage to check all of this out, before opening night. The stands were pretty full on the second tier, but empty on the first tier. This was an opportunity to bring an event to Greenville...and whoever is in charge failed big time.

Had it run like clockwork (which it should have)....they could have built a fan base. Personally, I would have taken one more step beyond the "buy one get one free offer" they had and made it free for the first game..or cheap general admission. Fill Bi-Lo and make money off of concessions...have everything ironed out...start on time and tell the officials to take a chill pill.

Unfortunately, they had many mistakes, started an hour and a half late and it was run like a middle school football game.

The actual football could be entertaining......and was if you could get into it. Unfortunately, they made it way to easy to be distracted. We left early in the 4th quarter because it was so late...and 50%+ had already left before us.

Opportunity strikes once...they will need to make it strike twice to have the Carolina Force something that lasts in Greenville.

If anyone wants suggestions on how to make this work.

1) Buy advertising and make Game #2 Free....or cheap and general admission. Fill the stands.

2) Run to a schedule and iron out the kinks before. Start on time, get names on uniforms so "fans" can start to know who they are cheering for and get the cheerleaders in the stands. Standing in the tunnel does not do anything.

3) Get rid of "Wranglers" in the end zone....you could see this turf was inherited from the "Austin Wranglers"....spend the money up front and get it right.

4) Work with sponsors and local businesses to get players out in the public during the week. This is a small town and it should be easy to build a fan base...but you have to get personal to do it. High Schools, Sponsors Businesses, City Events....was any of this thought of?

I could go on and on......much more work to do here....hopefully it happens and we get a good team here that we can build some excitement around it. It appeared that this whole thing was put together by people who were doing so after their "real jobs".

Hope it works out...but whoever is in charge will need to re-group ASAP to make that happen.

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