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Prospective projects in the 2nd tier cities to grow Economic Tax Revenue in Ga


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Many of those things - parks, theaters, cinemas, etc - require populations with disposable income. As a business model, Atlanta makes the most sense for them and, short of perpetual government subsidy, that won't and shouldn't change. What could and should change is economic incentives to locate companies and jobs outside of the Atlantasphere. That will bring wealth and populations to other areas around the state and that will attract the leisure activities. The next issue Columbus would face is it's lack of Interstate, air service and no passenger rail service... The same for Albany, GA.

The one exception to that is the prohibition on gambling. If that were lifted in areas outside Atlanta, then those companies would have not other choice. But how to get the folks to Columbus is still an issue.

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I totally agree with j.midtown Metro Atlanta has developed its very own strong idenity as a world class city just travel around the united states and tell people your from Georgia 90% of people would be like oh your from Atlanta. None of our states 2nd tier cities have been able to develop a idenity of there own with the exception of maybe Savannah which is viewed as a culturly rich historic southern town as in the movie midnight in the garden of good and evil Columbus Macon and Augusta although large population centers of the state they are known to a national audience for very little other than Augusta gets national attention for a brief while with the masters each of these 2nd tier cities must find some type of niche to attract a greater torisum base then they could devlop there own identities I am a native Atlantian who now lives in Columbus. But still for entertainment I travel to Atlanta because Atlanta offers everything in ways of entertainment Columbus has attempted to become a culturly rich city which actually bores the younger generation like me Operas and ballets do not appeal the typical person in their 20s so I prefer Atl for younger type shows

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What 2nd & 3rd Tier cities need to realize also, is that many of Atlanta's new residents are pouring in from the 2nd-class Georgia cities. While many outside natives may have a special place in their heart for their hometowns, those cities simply cannot offer the diversity and free-thinking attitude that Atlanta offers - which is a breath of fresh air for non-conservatives living throughout Georgia. I am moving to Atlanta this month, after spending a good chunk of my life in Statesboro & Savannah. Having just graduated from Georgia Southern, all but just a handful of my friends are also moving to Atlanta. Many of those are locals too. Times are changing for Georgia, and the state's youth arent satisfied with the limited capacities of opportunities that the alternative cities offer.

Instead of whining about Atlanta getting everything, because I too understand the frustration, lets strategize on ways to improve the current infrastructure of non-Atlanta, Georgia and prepare those area for growth. Lets determine what is unique about each locale and design marketing campaigns to brand those images. There is much that can be done, and no one has to wait on government to do it. We are the government!

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