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I would like to get a discussion going about the issue of stormwater and what people in Grand Rapids can do to help reduce some of its effects. (Stormwater is water that runs off impermeable surfaces and ends up carrying pollutants into our streams, rivers, etc and damaging our watershed!) Michigan has taken some really strong steps towards separating stormwater from our sewers, and a bill (no. 256) was just proposed in the MI senate related to creating stormwater utilities. Water is such an important part of life in Michigan--I think its great that our government is taking strong action to keep it clean and safe for our use. We also have a lot of environmental organizations in the area that are taking up leadership on this topic.

For people who would like more information on the Grand Rapids community-based plan, WMEAC is offering a really great lunch session TOMORROW (Friday March 6 at noon). More detailed information can be found at http://wmeac.org/index.php/news/events/fri...riday-luncheon/

It would be really interesting to hear what people know/think about this important environmental matter!


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