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All dressed up for a night at the Theater

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So I went to a play last night at Theaterworks. I have not been there in a while and since I last attended, the theater company finished off their renovation and expansion.

my first inclination is to implore each and every one of you to swing by and check it out.

The theater has partnered with the New Britain Museum of art, and it has created a really nice space. The front of the building looks great as well.

here is their render and its pretty much there.


but the inside space steals the show. Really It is extremely nice. There is a full size cafe that is run by Bin 228. the cafe is filled with signifigant pieces from the Museum.

The lobby is set up like a Museum and apparently there is another room that is part museum.

I definately plan on heading back because this is just the kind of thing Hartford needs.


hey I just found an article worth editing in.


see it does look like the rendering!

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