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SC may allow impact fees


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The House is going to start debating a bill that could allow impact fees to be implemented in South Carolina's counties. This is potentially a great thing. Impact fees charge developers for the infrastructure required to support their developments. Its already passed the Senate. The Bill's number is S235. If the House makes any changes then it goes back to the Senate, but otherwise this could pass as soon as next week. Passing this bill doesn't guarantee that it will happen, but it will let the counties decide if its something that they want to do.

Typically funds are used for new schools, road improvements (new, widened, etc), water/sewer extensions, etc. Counties should be able to decide how the funds are applied individually.

Here is the article in the Post & Courier

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All homebuilders, developers, etc are against it. I'm hopeful that everyone else will see it as a good thing. One major issue is that Sanford was in the real estate industry before he got into politics, so he may take the option to veto this bill.

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