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St. Joseph College Doctoral Program

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I pasted some snippits from the article and then I bolded the best parts.

40-50 doctorial students in Hartford is a great first step by any measuring tool. and a future 2nd doctoral to come in another health related field is also great news. Lets hope that the school continues to develop doctoral programs and brings more and more students to the city.


St. Joseph College is expected to announce plans today to open a school of pharmacy that will offer the college's first doctoral degree program.

St. Joseph hopes to open the school in downtown Hartford, near a hospital where students could do their clinical work and have access to the community, and it is looking for office space to lease, college President Pamela Trotman Reid said.

Though St. Joseph is a women's college, the pharmacy program, like the college's other graduate programs, would be coeducational. The college hopes to enroll 40 to 50 students in the first class, said Cindy Mariani, the college's director of marketing and communications.

This would be the first doctoral program offered by the Catholic college in its 76-year history and hints at more to come. Reid said the college is developing another doctoral track in a health-care-related program.

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This is fantastic news! Asylum Hill or South Green will certainly be pleased to play host to this new institution of higher learning. This could really have a pretty big positive impact on it's immediate surroundings pretty quickly. I hope to see this project move along with relative ease.

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