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Middletowns Obama List

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Middletown kept it simple

CityStateProgramProject DescriptionFunding RequiredJobs

MiddletownCTCDBGAqusition, demolition and relocation of blighted neighborhood. Implementation of fully approved Redevelopment Plan.3,500,000 100

MiddletownCTCDBGNorthend Homeownership Project. Completly designed and approved. Creation of 17 units of affordable housing in low to mod census tract.2,500,000 100

MiddletownCTCDBGCompletion of 8 soccer fields, to include 2 24/7 lighted turf fields. Land acquired, fully approved site work underway.4,000,000 150

MiddletownCTEnergyUse of landfill gas, solar panels and other forms of alternate energy to provide heat and electricity to city owned 184,000 sq.ft. brownfield building constructed in 1894.5,000,000 200

MiddletownCTStreets/RoadsConstruction of city parking lot. 280 spaces plans complete, bid in Feb. 09 750,000 40

MiddletownCTWaterStraighten Country Club Road. Designed to eliminate 2 very bad curves.6,000,000 100

MiddletownCTWaterMattabasset Regionalization. Abandon 1970's sewage plant on CT River and tie into modern sewage plant 2 miles to north.25,000,000 300Totals:$46,750,000.00 990.00

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