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Bridgeport/Stratford Obama List

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There is no easy way to post this info, but I thought people would be interested.

Through Obamas Main street economic recovery program Bridgeport is requesting the following 700+million in projects.

CityStateProgramProject DescriptionFunding RequiredJobs

BridgeportCTAirportAirport Garage Repair and Rehabilitation400,000 8

BridgeportCTCDBGPublic Safety Camera System designed for regional transportation hubs and high-crime neighborhoods 300,000 BridgeportCTCDBGWentfield Bathrooms Structure (Park Improvements, design and planning complete) 234,000 4

BridgeportCTCDBGFire Company 6/8 Repairs (Roof Repair and upgrade) 645,000 6

BridgeportCTCDBGWheeler Fountain Restoration Project (Plumbing, sitework and paving/ design complete) 855,939 7

BridgeportCTCDBGSenior Center Repairs and Renovations (Black Rock and Eisenhower Center) 565,000 8BridgeportCTCDBGFire Company 12 Roof and Facility Repairs1,000,000 10BridgeportCTCDBGFire Company 3/4 Wood Avenue Repairs and Renovations (Roof Repair) 850,000 10BridgeportCTCDBGAnimal Shelter Expansion (to increase capacity for housing of animals/ design complete) 700,000 14BridgeportCTCDBGBridgeport Fire Department Engine 15 & 7/11 Repairs1,355,000 20BridgeportCTCDBGBridgeport Fire Department Headquarters Repairs 1,525,000 20BridgeportCTCDBG

Bridgeport Police Evidence Facility 1,230,000 20BridgeportCTCDBGMcLevy Hall Government Building Renovations and Roof Repair2,000,000 20BridgeportCTCDBGSand Salt Building - Construction of new shed (design complete, planning complete)750,000 20BridgeportCTCDBGUpgrading water, sewer, and storm drains at the former Pequonnock Village and Marina Apartments public housing site to enable the reconstruction of mixed use project on sites3,500,000 23BridgeportCTCDBGInstallation of sewer in Martin Luther King Drive at the site of the Father Panik Village public housing site to enable reconstruction on the site4,250,000 26BridgeportCTCDBGBarnum Museum Renovation and Restoration Project (interior structural repair, environmental upgrade) 1,100,000 30BridgeportCTCDBGBridgeport Police Department Narcotics & Vice Facility Building (renovation of building, site assembled, design complete) 2,200,000 30BridgeportCTCDBGCity Hall Repairs and Renovations2,100,000 30BridgeportCTCDBGCitywide Library Renovation & Repair Projects (Roof Repair for Main Library) 3,950,000 35BridgeportCTCDBGBridgeport Fire Department Training Facility (Renovation of 2 existing buildings & construction of 4 story tower with burn building/ site assembled, design complete)3,750,000 40BridgeportCTCDBGInstallation of City-wide Broadband Network for Community and Municipal Use10,000,000 44BridgeportCTCDBGPolice Department Headquarters Renovation & Upgrade1,375,000 50BridgeportCTCDBGPort Authority Ferry Garage Construction Project (Planned phase of intermodal transportation center project/ transit oriented development / design-phase completed, site assembled, project planning complete) ? Estimated Cost: $4 million4,000,000 80BridgeportCTCDBGPublic Facilities Administration Building / Maintenence Garage Recycling and Sanitation Truck Wash27,080,000 120BridgeportCTCDBGCity Hall Annex Repairs and Renovations (Roof Repair) 4,070,000 200BridgeportCTCDBGSteel Point Development Infrastructure, Shoreline Replacement Project (Shoreline replacement, new bulk-head construction at Steel Point Development site, this mixed-use development project on a 50 plus acre waterfront parcel is the largest waterfront deve20,000,000 220BridgeportCTCDBGOx Brook Flood Control Project (reconstruction of tributaries, construction of new channels, installation of new berm at Elton Rogers Park & new pipe) 40,000,000 400BridgeportCTCDBGSteel Point Development Street & Utility Improvements (site assembled, design complete) 38,300,000 400BridgeportCTEnergyLED Traffic Light Conversion Project 400,000 BridgeportCTEnergyBridgeport School System & City Public Facilities Efficiency Retrofit Project15,000,000 70BridgeportCTEnergyEast Side & West Side Treatment Plant Waste to Energy Biomass Gassification Energy Production Project65,000,000 560BridgeportCTHousingAddition of funding for 200 Coleman Street LEEDS construction of 3 public housing units50,000 1BridgeportCTHousingPoplar Street public housing project elevator replacement125,000 2BridgeportCTHousingCharles Greene security lighting175,368 3BridgeportCTHousingRestoration of retaining walls and fencing at Trumbull Gardens226,321 4BridgeportCTHousingIranistan Ave building rehabilitation into public housing units437,373 6BridgeportCTHousingPT Barnum security lighting434,373 6BridgeportCTHousingStorm doors at various public housing sites400,000 6BridgeportCTHousingFireside electrical meter upgrades480,000 7BridgeportCTHousingInstallation of bus shelters at PT Barnum, Fireside Court, CF Greene, Harborview Village, and Marina Village265,000 7BridgeportCTHousingTelecommunications and software update500,000 7BridgeportCTHousingVacancy reduction in unoccupied units550,000 8BridgeportCTHousingHarborview security modifications and front entrance repairs605,000 9BridgeportCTHousingTrumbull Gardens building 11 elevators repairs650,000 10BridgeportCTHousingCharles Greene public housing new roofs725,000 11BridgeportCTHousingAdams and Olive Street building restoration875,156 13BridgeportCTHousingMarina Village security lighting941,653 14BridgeportCTHousingSidewalk improvements at Marina Village650,000 14BridgeportCTHousingGary Crook Center modernization and consolidation of offices1,032,000 15BridgeportCTHousingRenovation of vacated building into housing units for survivors of domestic violence2,446,861 16BridgeportCTHousing14 units of new housing construction on existing foundation4,000,000 18BridgeportCTHousingMarina Village public housing project replacement roofs1,251,625 18BridgeportCTHousingReconfiguration of Bird Street1,675,000 18BridgeportCTHousingReplacement of siding and storm water handling system at Trumbull Gardens1,256,332 18BridgeportCTHousingSite improvement to Morris Ave and construction of warehouse1,350,000 18BridgeportCTHousingCCTV System wide1,523,668 22BridgeportCTHousingEnergy improvements to Administrative Offices1,500,000 22BridgeportCTHousingReplacement of roofs at the Scattered Site projects1,500,000 22BridgeportCTHousingTrumbull Gardens sewer system reconstruction1,500,000 22BridgeportCTHousingWindows for housing at Fireside Court elderly housing and Scattered Sites 536 units.1,500,000 22BridgeportCTHousingConstruction of health clinic on Albion Street4,650,775 23BridgeportCTHousingCharles Greene interior stairs replacement1,600,000 24BridgeportCTHousingWindows at Harborview Village apartments2,071,561 30BridgeportCTHousingSection 504 site and common area infrastructure rehabilitation3,000,000 32BridgeportCTHousing755 Plaisades Ave clinic2,300,000 34BridgeportCTHousingNew boilers at Fireside Court elderly apartments2,754,800 40BridgeportCTHousingADA renovations to stairways, sidewalks, parking areas, fencing, etc.3,500,000 42BridgeportCTHousingPT Barnum stairs replacement3,098,920 46BridgeportCTHousingNew boilers at 536 Scattered Site units3,200,000 47BridgeportCTHousingPT Barnum streets and sidewalks replacement3,500,000 51BridgeportCTHousingKitchen modernizations in PT Barnum, Trumbull Gardens, Harborview, and CF Greene3,750,000 55BridgeportCTHousingSection 504 unit retrofit in all projects4,128,104 60BridgeportCTPublic SafetySchool Resource Officers and Neighborhood Policing Officers to Support Community Policing Initiatives22,500,000 90BridgeportCTSchoolsReplace roofs at Bassick High School and the Maintenance Garage 2,400,000 20BridgeportCTSchoolsReplace plumbing fixtures and mixing valves in Wintrop, Bassick, Roosevelt, Whittier schools. 350,000 30BridgeportCTSchoolsColumbus energy efficiency renovations to include Window replacement and HVAC upgrades 6,500,000 50BridgeportCTSchoolsUpgrade HVAC System to include energy efficient Boilers and air handling units. Schools include Curiale, Central, Whittier, Sheridan, Marin, Park City, JFK. 2,800,000 50BridgeportCTSchoolsUpgrade electrical systems to meet current Technology requirements within the schools. School include: Hallen, Longfellow, Madison Harding Wintrop, Blackham, Bearsdley, Whittier. 1,195,000 70BridgeportCTSchoolsReplace Doors and Windows. Existing Windows and doors need to be upgraded to thermopane units and replace old corroded doors at Blackrock, Blackham, Beardsley, Central, Cross, Harding, Hallen, Longfellow, Park City, Skane and Bassick Schools 6,990,000 75BridgeportCTSchoolsReplace Heating Controls systems in Blackrock, Beardsley, Edison, Hallen, Blackham, Hooker, JFK Campus High Horizon, Multi Cultural, Read, Roosevelt, Whittier and Wintrop Schools4,000,000 75BridgeportCTSchoolsColumbus ADA Renovations. Renovate and existing Elementary School to meet ADA Code requirements8,850,000 300BridgeportCTSchoolsAuxiliary Classrooms at Central High School to provide additional teaching space to meet the accreditation issues within the high school. This project would provide relief from the existing over crowding situation and remove the probation already on the 2,750,000 400BridgeportCTSchoolsProvide local funding to construct a Discovery magnet School. This facility is 70,000 sf with 500 students. This school will operate in conjunction witht he Discovery Museum.3,050,000 600BridgeportCTSchoolsProvide local funding for the new 210,000 sf Multi Magnet High School to aid in over crowding and provide a facility that is environmentally sound and matches the curriculum. The curriculum includes infromation Technology, Zoology, and Aerospace programs12,300,000 850BridgeportCTStreets/RoadsEast Washington Bridge Repair Project (Maintenance Repairs) 130,000 8BridgeportCTStreets/RoadsCitywide Traffic Signal Replacement Project 5,900,000 20BridgeportCTStreets/RoadsDowntown/South End Streetscape Connector: Estimated cost: $3, 527,444.70 This project incorporates two separate, but related initiatives to connect the South End, Arena, Ballpark, Ferry, Warnaco Housing and future High Speed Ferry with the Downtown Centr3,527,444 40BridgeportCTStreets/RoadsRoadway (Strategic City-wide Paving Project) 22,000,000 50BridgeportCTStreets/RoadsMain Street Streetscape Phase #1 Woodside to Trumbull Mall 8,500,000 60

BridgeportCTStreets/RoadsMain Street Streetscape Phase # 2 & 3 10,000,000 66

BridgeportCTStreets/RoadsPleasure Beach Bridge Demolition (removal of disabled bridge to establish direct water transportation) and Fishing Pier Construction Project (design-phase completed, site assembled, project planning complete)4,500,000 88

BridgeportCTStreets/RoadsCongress Street Bridge Demolition and Re-construction Project (design-phase completed, project planning complete) ? Estimated Cost: $50 million50,000,000 400

BridgeportCTStreets/RoadsBridgeport City-wide Sidewalk Reconstruction and Installation Project 160,000,000 600

BridgeportCTTransitTransit Authority Bus Emissions Reduction Project: Re-power 40 buses to solve turbo failure problem and reduce vehicle emissions2,800,000 20

BridgeportCTTransitTransit Authority Shelter Installation Project: Install 100 shelters at bus stops ? 50 replace existing shelters, 50 installed at stops without shelters.1,400,000 20

BridgeportCTTransitTransit Authority Bus Terminal Project: Provide additional protection from the elements on the platforms of the new bus terminal.3,900,000 30

BridgeportCTTransitPort Authority Ferry Garage Construction Project (Planned phase of intermodal transportation center project/ transit oriented development / design-phase completed, site assembled, project planning complete) ? Estimated Cost: $4 million4,000,000 80

BridgeportCTTransitTransit Authority Maintenance and Administration Facility Project: Expand Administration and Maintenance Facility to accommodate growth, improve efficiency, improve working conditions and develop into a sustainable facility including reducing carbon footp14,000,000 80

BridgeportCTWaterCity-wide Sewer Separation Project (Bridgeport Water Pollution Control Authority WPCA) / design-phase completed, project planning complete, initial work underway) ? Estimated Cost: $38 million38,000,000 200BridgeportCTWaterOx Brook Flood Control Project (reconstruction of tributaries, construction of new channels, installation of new berm at Elton Rogers Park & new pipe) 40,000,000 400Totals:$767,007,273.008,140.00

CityStateProgramProject DescriptionFunding RequiredJobsStratfordCTCDBGPerry House Historic Preservation Project: Improvements and additions to one of the oldest homesteads in the United States; part of larger community and road improvement project to this area coming off from Interstate 95.350,000 20StratfordCTCDBGTown Residential Rehabilitation Program (RRP): Recapitalization of program to fund backlog of applicants for home improvement/code compliance work in low-mod income areas of Stratford. 150,000 20StratfordCTCDBGBirdseye & Stratford Academy Field Improvements to athletic fields for two recreation sites. Work includes new community sports facilities, an 1,800 foot walking track and additional parking spaces. 1,200,000 25StratfordCTCDBGBoothe Memorial Park Improvements and Restorations: Various historical restoration/preservation projects in town park.1,000,000 30StratfordCTCDBGGreenway Project- Railroad to Short Beach Creation of publically-accessible greenway from Stratford Center/Rail Station to Short Beach. Path to be located on Town property and existing rights-of-way.2,400,000 30StratfordCTCDBGShort Beach Park Improvements: Improvement projects to facilities at Short Beach Park, including sand restoration, replacement and upgrading of bleachers, sports field restoration, parking lot resurfacing, code-related playground renovations.1,300,000 30StratfordCTCDBGSidewalk Replacement Projects: Combination of low & moderate-income neighborhoods targeted for new sidewalk installation and sidewalk replacements. 1,000,000 30StratfordCTCDBGMunicipal Building Capital Upgrades: including roof repair and replacement, Police Department building improvements, Town Hall ADA compliance work.500,000 35StratfordCTCDBGRenovations to New Site for Emergency Medical Services (EMS):Project is 100% design and permit-ready; will renovate old Stratford Fire Station house to accommodate Town�s EMS fleet and offices. Project will include energy efficiency components.2,150,000 45StratfordCTCDBGLong Beach West Cottage Demolition and Improvements: Removal of 45 cottages on coastal property; includes demolition, hazardous waste remediation, restoration of natural habitat, & access improvement.5,000,000 500StratfordCTEnergyMunicipal Building Generator Replacements: Replacement/retrofitting of old and energy-inefficient generators at Police Station, Stratford Town Hall and Bunnell High School. 600,000 12StratfordCTHousingStratford Housing Authority-Public Housing Roofing Projects: Total of thirteen (13) new roofs at Shiloh Gardens and Lucas Gardens public housing developments. 150,000 30StratfordCTSchoolsSchool Capital Improvement Projects at 15 school buildings throughout the system. Includes window and panel replacement to improve building energy efficiency, roof and masonry repair, ADA code compliance.3,491,000 70StratfordCTStreets/RoadsBarnum Avenue Streetscape Project: Project encompasses work on both sides of approximately 1,500 linear feet of Barnum Ave (US Rte 1). Includes construction of street/traffic improvements, storm water drainage collection system upgrades, landscaping. 2,000,000 30StratfordCTStreets/RoadsProject First Impression-West Broad Street/I95 Interchange 32 ramps Streetscape, curb reconstruction, pedestrian enhancements and road resurfacing work to improve entry into Historic Stratford Center from I95 at Exit 32. 1,500,000 35StratfordCTWaterWPCA Stormwater/Sanitation Projects Crew Create a new four-person crew dedicated solely to the backlog of bonded storm water projects that will help the Town in meeting new requirements for storm water management permit for the CT DEP. 600,000 4StratfordCTWaterKing Street Culvert: Project would alleviate chronic flooding problems in heavy commercial area of town. Two locations along King Street in would be the subject of the project- West Broad Street and Main St (Rte113). 3,000,000 35Totals:$26,391,000.00981.00

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