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Florist in PVD


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Hey folks,

I need to send some flowers to somebody back in RI. I would prefer to contact a local shop directly rather than go through a national florist network. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good, creative flower shop? I've used Jephry in the past and they did a great job but weren't terribly creative or friendly for that matter so I'm open to other suggestions.


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When we were shopping for a wedding florist, we stopped by Jephry at the suggestion of a friend and, while I loved the stuff in the store, the guy who was working with us seemed very unfriendly and not overly thrilled that we stopped by. He didn't get our business.

Anyway, the one that we did like, but didn't use because we liked another better, was Check the Florist. I forget where they were located, somewhere in South Providence. They had a pretty busy business and the guy who helped us turned out to be Miss Gay Rhode Island (Gingah Rale). He was quite nice, very helpful, and very accommodating. The one we used for the wedding (Golden Gate) just does special occasion stuff as far as I know. Try Check, I think they've been around for a very long time.

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