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A visit to the Grand Soleil Casino Boat


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3 tribal elders from Lac du Flambeau recently wet to Natchez Mississippi and toured the progress of the Casino boat that is supposed to open in early 2009.

The Hotel is supposed to open in early October according to the Grand Soleil website (http://www.grandsoleilcasino.com), however all we can do is wait and see.

I will post further videos on here as information becomes available.

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The video is not encouraging. I still have not seen any rendering of the hotel. A call to the Briars produced little more than word that the hotel was "expected to be open in October." As for what it will look like, I have no idea. The proliferation of casinos in Natchez is not a good long-term prospect for the city. I can see one or two (nice) casinos, but three or four? There is not sufficient depth to the market to support such endeavors. I rather wish natchez had never opened the casino bottle. The genie may be more than the city can absorb.

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