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recommendation to make hartford a must stop for tourists coming to the northeast


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i got it. maybe i have too much time on my hands, but i think hartford should host the first annual Women's Topless Hula Hoop World Championships, with a bottomless version for men (we can forget the men's event if you like). Weight divisions would be a great idea. A future olympic event for sure. after all, cheerleading will soon be presented "ooowie natural" at the olympics and the hula hoop competition would be much better than the cheerleading. Please. Let's hear some ideas.

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Well, when I lived in Auckland NZ, there were a few must see kind of things.

One was the bunjee jump off of the sky needle. Seeing the needle was nothing, it was part of a casino, and the club in the casino got more love than the giant hypodermic needle. But jumping off the needle and watching people jump off the needle was a good time. at least it looked that way according to the tourists.

Another was the Auckland waterfront.

the city took a large industrial harbour next to the CBD dug it out built piers, and loaded it with 2-3 levels resturants and bars. no shopping allowed, purely entertainment. Trust me it is a great place on St Pattys day ot new Years.

the Harbour has sail boat charters aboard some of the Americas cup boats, and also the national maritime museum.

this pace was swamped morning noon and night. The resturant owners all paid an extra fee for private security guards to patroll the district. this kept a lot of the trouble out, and the police took care of most of the rest of it. The were right on top of you if you were seen drinking say out of a flask on the street. trust me I know, I was chased with some friends.

this area was completely pedestrian only.

I think every city needs a pedestrian only zone. Pratt should be the start of ours.

as far as other ideas, Hartford should come up with a list of events it currently has, and a list of dates that are blank. it should then make every effort to come up with events, or lure events to fill those dates.

The boat race that was canceled is a perrfect example. How do we get the boat race to happen? how do we land a BMX expidition? how do we land an outdoor concert in the park by a well know band?

how do we get the hartford Brew fest to grow outside of the state house property, and how do we get it to happen 3 times a year? how do we het a hot air baloon jamborie in the park? how do we get hartford Resturant week to become a festival again? how do wee get the North American fiddle festival back downtown and away from MCC?

there are literally crap loads of ideas out there, the city just needs to start pushing.

then the big question... how do we capitolize on these events and their patrons being downtown.

what about a "one day in history" type event

or a Chicken BBQ?

these 2 events in my tiny hometown (shelterIsland NY) of 2500 people draw literally thousands of visitors and make the chamber and historical society tons of money.

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