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Night Life - The hottest spots to get your groove on

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Hi, sorry that I haven't been around in a while. Anyhow, I decided to start a night life thread of some of the hottest or most popular spots to go to. I'll be posting places in Hawaii mainly Honolulu but for those of you who are members from Puerto Rico and Alaska please post or list some of the places from those areas. :)

Here's the latest addition to Honoulul's night scene called Level 4. It's a Vegas style show and night club located at the Royal Hawaiian Center in Waikiki. Open 8/10:30 PM to 4 AM and I think that after hours are til 6 or 8 AM. I'm not totally sure about the after hours for this club because I could be mixing up the after hours time with another club? Anyway, this club is among the latest venues to open up in the revitalized Waikiki area recently. A few others that opened recently are Senor Frog's, Coconut Willy's and RumFire. There's a ton of other night life options in the area as well from Commedy shows, Magic shows, strip clubs, to another Cirque du Soleil-inspired show called Waikiki Nei. The other cirque show in the area is called Cirque Hawaii. For a city that's under a million it's got a lot going on even more so than cities much larger.

photos from Honolulu Star Bulletin





Here's a little preview of the soon to open Waikiki Nei show

photos from Honolulu Advertiser




Here's a little of Cirque Hawaii






I'll try to spotlight club's or other hot spots weekly so stay tuned.

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Cool night spot coming to Waikiki


Here's a new concept lounge that is planning on opening up in Waikiki next year called Minus 5. It seems like it might be an okay place to literally chill at but I just don't see it lasting for very long because IMO it's one of those places that you go to once maybe twice just to say that you've been there done that. There's just way too much competition in the area for this place to last IMO.

>>>Minus 5<<<


Source: Honolulu Star Bulletin

No Hawaii nightclub requires patrons to wear a parka, gloves and mukluks, but that will change when Minus 5 Ice Lounge opens in Waikiki next year.

Hoochie-type skin exposure is inadvisable, given the club's minus-5-degree Celsius (23-degree Fahrenheit) interior temperature and its bar, chairs, candelabras, decorative sculptures and glasses all made from ice.

Guests get winter gear at the door at all its locations, and the same will be true Sept. 24 when it opens at the Mandalay Place retail complex in Las Vegas.

It will be the first U.S. location for the New Zealand-based Minus 5 Group, which opened its first sub-zero night spot in Auckland in 2002 and followed up with another in New Zealand, two in Australia and one in Portugal.

Group Operations Manager Anthony Leender could not divulge the exact spot in Waikiki as the lease is not quite final, but said, "We're hoping to open by February or March of 2009. Probably late March."

The company hopes to attract local people as well as visitors from the mainland, Japan and Europe.

Minus 5 charges $30 admission which includes use of the winter gear and a vodka cocktail or alcohol-free mocktail for a half-hour "experience," Leender called it.

No cameras are allowed, as Minus 5 has a professional photographer taking shots of customers that are available for purchase upon exiting, as is other merchandise.

Patrons can continue in to the club's Aspen ski-lodge-themed bar, which is also open for customers who don't want the ice-time.

Corporate functions are a big part of Minus 5's business and the Vegas location will include a wedding chapel with white faux fur wedding dresses and groom-wear.

"Minus 5 is far from a freezer, as many of our competitors have learned," said President and founder Craig Ling in a statement.

There are other all-ice hospitality operations in the world, as seen on TV travel shows.

"We spent more than two years developing and engineering our concept and the result is a comfortable, arid ice environment for our patrons that involves no wind, wind chill or humidity inside the ice lounge -- a rarity for attractions of this nature," Ling said.

The ice fixtures and sculptures are carved from Canadian ice. The Web site of Canada-based Iceculture Inc. identifies Minus 5 as a customer.

Minus 5's beverage ware is frozen New Zealand spring water.

More Ice Lounges are planned for New York, Los Angeles, Miami, India, Singapore, Dubai and Manila. Its next opening this year will be in the Grand Cayman Islands.

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Sorry no pictures, I don't have much time at the moment. Gotta study for my first exam tomorrow and gotta work an overnight shift :( but here are info about some clubs in San Juan and the website of a few others.

Club Brava

The El San Juan Hotel & Casino is a top nightlife destination even without the added bonus of a club. But it happens to have one of Puerto Rico's hottest nightlife destinations in Club Brava. A large, two-level space, it nevertheless gets packed to bursting point on weekends, when celebrities, locals, and tourists jam together on the dance floor and the upstairs bar and lounge area. The music is a mix of house, techno, hip hop, and raggaet

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