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Red Air Races Coming to Detroit Riverfront


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Has this been underground for a while?? I saw a commercial on mtv advertising something cool for san diego, but then they mentioned it was coming to the Detroit Int'l Riverfront too. Though the article I found on this was dated march 11,2008 which is almost a month ago.

It looks like the nation's eyes will turn to detroit once again, but for something good this time. :) It's also taking place in San Diego which is an economic goldmine compared to Detroit which is why people are surprised to see Detroit as the other city choice. But the people who chose the city, like us see the excitement. Did I mention that it's one of only TWO cities picked in ALL OF NORTH AMERICA. We should feel special guys!


oops!I meant red bull air races!! My bad! It would be great if someone could change that =]

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*sigh...* :(

There was quite a turn out downtown today on both sides of the river. Everyone was ready for the fun and excitement but the weather had different ideas. After delaying the races an hour and a half do to wind speeds they called it a day. I will post what little pictures I have soon.

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Sigh... I REALLY wish I could have gone... Does anyone know if they're going to be showing these on ESPN any time soon? I know they've had them aired in the past.

And happy birthday rbdetsport! It's good to see another Memorial Day-er out there!

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