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The development proposals had to meet Auckland City Council's objectives:

  • to provide a transport interchange

  • the creation of a low-rise heritage based area where the city meets the sea

  • the creation of an environment which contains a rich mix of activities and ensures the precinct is vibrant 24 hours a day

  • an upgrade and revitalisation of the area which ensures a people dominated and safe environment

  • a desire to reinforce and reinvigorate retailing in the downtown area.

    • a combination of retail, lifestyle, commercial and residential uses

    • active management of the area to enable an energised environment and an attractive location for lifestyle tenants

    • restoration of 17 historic buildings

    • development of six new buildings including:
      • two central buildings of seven and nine stories, linked with sky bridges and containing 2 levels of fashion stores

      • a substantial east building with an open atrium and surrounding retail stores

      • a new 675 space car parking building to be built by Bluewater but owned and operated by Auckland City Council, with 450 allocated and 225 short-term spaces

      [*]a "walking street" called Te Ara Tahuhu which will be lined with cafes and retail stores

      [*]two major new public spaces:

      [*]Takutai Square at the eastern end which will be a public gathering space and the site of public entertainment activities enclosed by heritage and new buildings on four sides

      [*]Station Plaza, behind the central post office that will be enhanced with kiosks and sheltered walkways

      [*]$2 million will be invested in streetscapes and landscaping to enhance the precinct and create links with the rest of the city to attract people into the area

      [*]the agreement with the council provides for a construction period of up to 11 years. However, it is hoped that if current market conditions and level of tenant interest continues, the Britomart Precinct will be substantially finished within eight years

      [*]Pip Cheshire of Cheshire Architects has been appointed as Master Architect to oversee the project and approve all design elements.

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