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Spending rises, doesn


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Great points cajun! Agreed! For BR to truly become the next great city of the south the schools must continue to make the necessary changes. College is not for everyone; the high demand for a skilled trade has never been greater. I see more programs starting to happen geared toward this. Sports is such a postive thing that teaches many life skills + it's a great outlet. It tends to keep the athlete's more focused on academics. Arts and Music are valuable componets as well.

It's good to see the light at the end of the tunnel for the EBR system. I think they are slowly coming out of their funk. The system has been in decline for various reasons. It's a shame to see them let BRHS Magnet & Lee HS become so deplorable. The schools are literally crumbling apart! Some schools are about to be taken over by the State(like Orleans Parish) So many students these days have serious distractions elsewhere other than the classroom.

Salaries for teachers have really improved lately. And percentage wise they are now as "highly-qualified" as most. Parents also need to become more involved in their children's education.

It's easy for Zachary's school system to brag and gloat about being #1 in the Test Scores when they are such a small district. No doubt they should be proud; but it's easier to rank them ahead of a much larger school district like Livingston that may be like #3 or 4??

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2 new prepatory programs are going to Baton Rouge public schools.

News Alert: BP America donates money for two new schools

A joint project by the LSU College of Education and Advance Baton Rouge to establish two college prep high schools for Baton Rouge public school students is being supported by a $500,000 donation from BP America. The "autonomous" prep schools will combine a relatively small number of students with a high level of accountability. One school will focus on digital arts and technology, the other on math, science, technology and engineering. Students will be chosen through an open admissions process, with the schools possibly opening in fall 2009.


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