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Fluoridation of Drinking Water

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Monticello is in the midst of deciding whether or not to add fluoride to our drinking water. At last night's city council meeting most of the people in attendance were against the addition of the chemical. The mayor skirted the issue and set a workshop on fluoridation for April 15, 2008.

My question is, is it a bad thing to add fluoride? The research I have done is split with some saying it is a positive, while others saying it leads to all kinds of problems. I am of the mind that you can get enough fluoride from toothpaste and the less chemicals in our water, the better. Just curious to see what other people think.


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That is a real issue for sure and it has been in other areas I've lived in before also. I think everywhere I've lived the water has had fluoride added to it. So I've drank it all my life and ain't nothin' wrong w/me........jeez where's that sarcasm icon!!!!!!

Anyway having said that, I've also drank the fluoride water and still had a few cavities as a kid. I did see on WCTV where they were saying that the local dentists in Monticello or nearby were saying that they have noticed the difference in the local children's teeth since the fluoride was stopped.

In regards to the near future, I'm inclined to say adding it is a good thing. However, years from now we could discover that adding this chemical to our water has some nasty long-term side effect just like we tend to discover w/a lot things.

So I really struggle w/this issue and I am on the fence. I too would like to hear from others about their opinion.

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I have to agree with Poonther. Short term, Im sure it will be beneficial. But I would doubt enough is known in terms of long-term ramifications. I dont like chemicals added to anything I consume, water included. So, yes, you're ultra-conservative GG is a big fan of organic foods, etc.

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