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Can I ask about fencing contractors?

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A friend of mine in Alger Heights is looking for personal recommendations for a fencing contractor (to build or repair a fence in your yard). I immediately thought of http://www.angieslist.com and the UP coffeehouse, as this little community has a ton of great people in it, many of whom have opinions on local businesses that they love to share.

Then I found this thread on dance classes from a couple of years ago where the thread was apparently shut down and there was some disagreement over whether this was appropriate:


But, since I've been a part of this community I've seen all kinds of requests for info and discussion of specific types of businesses, from mexican restaurants, all restaurants, thai restaurants, favorite hardware store/big box hardware superstore, ice cream shops, toy stores, and more. It seems like there have been many threads where people recommend or unrecommended certain businesses.

I don't want to beat a dead horse or raise tensions between members and moderators, but I am honestly unclear on what is allowed. I don't see anything in the rules (http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/Board-Rules-t260.html) that appears to ban this, and none of those other threads mentioned above were shut down. Have the rules changed since the dance classes thread? Can I post asking for input about local fencing contractors for my friend? If I can't make a new topic, can I post in the watering hole and ask people to send me PMs?

Perhaps I should have just posted asking my question and waited to see if there was any negative response? :/

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The mods (not Dad, the ones in NC) tend to view recommendations as adverts, which would better be paid ads to help support the site. Posting "I had a great burrito experience at Taco Granada" is different from "y'all want a great fence, call my brother-in-law."

Usually the best way to handle this is to request PMs and referrals. That also precludes spambots and other Nigerian types who haven't been here long enough to have posted ten messages.

My own method of finding a contractor: Angie's List, and get five quotes. A couple guys won't show, or are clearly so far "out there" that there's no need to continue. I have also had decent luck on craigslist.

Seems like there are enough homeowners on the Rapid Wheelmen yahoo group to provide the OP with the referral she'd need.


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