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I just got back from a trip to Nashville. I wanted to go check the place out because it's somewhere I'd never been (only driven through). I have to say I was impressed.

Nashville has great roads! That might not be the sexiest compliment I could pay, but I think the roads in and around the metro are great. You seem to have a lot of freeways that head to all parts of the city in general.

I also really liked the parks I saw. Centennial and Bicentennial Parks are both really impressive. I like all the big features but also some of the smaller touches (like the walk of counties at BP or planting Tulip Poplars).

The District is also impressive. Having street level retail and activity in your downtown is great. It gives it an interesting vibe.

I also found the people to be really friendly. The two who come to mind were both Tenn. natives (I asked) and their attitudes go a long way toward impressing visitors.

Vanderbilt makes me jealous. What a great campus and what a great university. The area around the school is impressive too. In many ways it seems more urban than the Center City.

Overall I just can't say enough good stuff about the city. I want to steal the idea of a bunch of your assets and bring them back to Charlotte.

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Glad you enjoyed your trip to Nashville! Sounds like you got a chance to see many great areas of the city. Of course, there's always more so feel free to come back whenever.

The area around Vandy is Nashville's Midtown. There's some great little pocket neighborhoods like Hillsboro Village, Elliston Place, Music Row, and West End Park. You're right that in some ways it's more "urban" than downtown. At the very least, Midtown has been more desirable residential draw and has more constant activity. We have some residential downtown and around it (the Gulch, North Capitol, etc.) so hopefully downtown will continue to catch on here.

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Thanks, jednc. It's really fun to hear a visitor's perspective. Many of us here are always surprised and impressed by what we see, but we also take some things for granted. The city has changed a lot of the past few years and the future seems bright even with the economic slowdown bogging things down at the moment.

We often hear of the cool things going on in Charlotte. Nice to know a Charlottean thinks the same of us. We do appreciate it. While you're borrowing some ideas from Nashville, just plop the BOA tower downtown here. I don't think anyone would mind...'cept maybe CLT. ;)

Come back again.

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I was just in Charlotte a few weeks ago and was VERY IMPRESSED WITH YOUR DOWNTOWN! Compact. Walkable. Vibrant! Now the roads in and out had me terribly confused, but once parked and at the venue, it all smoothed out.

Thanks for loving our city as much!

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Thanks Jednc for your kind words about Nashville, a city I will always love despite no longer living there. I agree with you that Nashville has so much to offer, and is a great place to live. I also share with you the same thought that the riverfront has so much potential, it's almost scary. I really hope Nashville implements their full blown vision for the waterfront. If so, it will enhance the quality life, already high, even more. I want to also take the time to compliment you on Charlotte. The city is really on the move and the development of its uptown area is simply amazing. I wish Nashville's downtown were developing that fast, although Nashville's downtown development pace ain't too shabby either. The light rail system you have is first rate, and the city has the vision to expand it into a world class system. Charlotte is truly a beautiful city and is quickly turning into a major city.

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